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18 Flutter project ideas for beginners to experts are: BMI calculator, profile screen, news app, habit tracker, expense tracker, animated fitness tracker, etc.

flutter project ideas

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Flutter is a framework for mobile app development that allows writers to create high-quality Android and iOS apps with a single codebase. Learning Flutter is the greatest approach to designing and distributing an app that simplifies our lives. Flutter project ideas are vital for developers practicing, experiencing, and learning Flutter development.

This blog will discuss Flutter project ideas for beginners to experienced developers. These project ideas can help you improve your Flutter skills and create innovative mobile apps, regardless of your experience.

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Flutter Project Ideas for Beginners

This resource has a wealth of beginner-friendly project ideas. This will work on basic projects that will teach you the basics of Flutter development, from making a simple to-do list app to exploring APIs with a weather app!

To-Do List

You will create a basic app to organize tasks. Users can create, view, change, and finish tasks. Task operations will use basic CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) capability. This project can give you experience in:

  • Construct a basic Flutter app development from scratch while learning widgets and layouts. 

  • Knowledge of state management systems, directories, and packages. 

  • Several valuable concepts and how to apply them with packages like carousel_slider, phot_view, and pull_to_refresh.

Key Tech Stack:  

  • Basic user interface (UI) widgets: Text, TextField, Checkbox, ListTile, etc.

  • Simple state management solutions like Provider.

  • Shared_preferences local storage for basic to-do list data.

BMI Calculator

This project involves creating a BMI calculator app. After entering height and weight, the app calculates BMI using the formula. The software also displays the user's BMI-based health category, such as underweight, normal, overweight, etc.

Key Tech Stack:  

  • Widgets:

    • TextField (user input).

    • Text (for output).

    • Calculator button ElevatedButton.

    • Container for layout.

bmi calculator flutter project ideas
BMI Calculator (Source: Internet)

Weather App

The software will retrieve real-time weather data based on the user's location. The weather, temperature, humidity, and forecast for the next few days are displayed. The program will collect and display weather data using APIs.

Key Tech Stack:  

  • Use JSON to parse weather API answers. 

  • Geolocation for location-based weather display.

  • Weather API: Free OpenWeatherMap and Weather Underground APIs.

Profile Screen

Many smartphone apps rely on the profile screen. It's where users maintain their accounts, express themselves, and use the app.  This project builds a user profile screen using Flutter, a powerful framework for creating beautiful, engaging mobile apps.

This project will cover design components, features, and concerns for creating a user profile page that informs and engages your target audience.

Key Tech Stack:  

  • An understanding of UI design principles is helpful.

  • State Management: Not needed for simple profiles, although Provider or ScopedModel can be utilized for more sophisticated operations like profile photo changing.

  • The backend is optional for most novice profile screen ideas. Firebase Authentication or a basic REST API can be used to login or retrieve data from a server.

News App

Today's fast-paced environment makes staying updated more crucial than ever. With a Flutter news app, you can create a simple, informative platform for consumers to read news stories from multiple sources in a beautiful mobile app. This is a great chance to practice Flutter development while making a useful tool for staying informed.

Key Tech Stack:  

  • A remote JSON API can provide dynamic news updates.

  • Flutter's http package for API development.

  • Dart has built-in JSON parsing for back-end use.

Quote Generator

This app will demonstrate your Flutter talents and inspire you and your users daily. It will be your daily source of wisdom and motivation with its user-friendly UI and a large selection of handpicked quotes.

Key Tech Stack:  

  • State management provider (easy for beginners).

  • Quote-displaying UI widgets: Text, Buttons, Images.

  • API Integration: Get quotations from public quote APIs.

quote generator flutter project idea
Quote Generator (Source: Internet)

Flutter Project Ideas for Intermediate-level Developers

You can tackle increasingly complex Flutter projects as your skills improve. This area covers intermediate developer Flutter project ideas that enhance app experiences with crucial functionalities.

Shopping Cart App

This project lays the groundwork for future e-commerce apps. Intermediate developers can learn user interface design, state management, and data handling with this project. It gives you experience in:

  • Creating an attractive and easy-to-use browsing and adding interface.

  • Implementing a shopping cart that tracks and shows item quantities.

  • Adding basic price and tax calculations.

Key Tech Stack:  

  • State Management: Provider, Bloc, or Riverpod (choose one).

  • Networking: http package or Dio for API calls.

  • Local Storage: SharedPreferences or Hive for storing cart items.

Habit Tracker

This project tracks habits and task accomplishment. Overall consistency stats are also provided. If you know Flutter basics, this is the program to test your skills. This project introduces CustomPainters, Path, BezierCurve, and other widgets. You must understand RichText and when to utilize it in a project, as well as how to add dependencies.

Key Tech Stack:  

  • Local (SharedPreferences), Cloud (Firebase Firestore) Data Storage.

  • Functionality:

    • GUI for adding, modifying, and displaying habits.

    • Time and date management.

    • Track habit completion.

    • Reminders for habits.

Expense Tracker

This project will teach you strong Flutter development techniques and help you understand your spending habits. It lets you confidently manage your funds and create a beautiful, user-friendly app.

Key Tech Stack:  

  • State management with BLoC or Riverpod.

  • Hive or SharedPreferences for local data.

  • Firebase authentication or Cloud Firestore for database integration.

expense tracker flutter app idea
Expense Tracker (Source: Internet)

Local Notes App

This program lets you write down thoughts, make to-do lists, and remember essential things safely on your mobile. Flutter's powerful UI lets you create a simple note-taking, editing, and organizing interface. This local notes project introduces data storage and administration in a mobile app, making it ideal for Flutter developers who want to build a useful app.

Key Tech Stack:  

  • Hive or SharedPreferences are used for local storage.

  • Provider or BLoC for state management.

  • Text editing widgets, ListViews, and basic animations.

Login/Signup App

The world runs on secure access. Mobile apps for social media, online banking, and fitness trackers must have easy login and signup.

Flutter, a powerful framework for creating beautiful and cross-platform app development, is used to construct a sophisticated Login/Signup app. You'll learn user authentication basics and how to construct a secure and easy user onboarding UI.

Key Tech Stack:  

  • Use a provider such as BLoC or Riverpod for state management.

  • Firebase Authentication or any BaaS solution for authentication

  • Form validation from Flutter's built-in.

Social Media Clone

Create a simple social media app where users can publish updates, photographs, videos, comments, and likes. The app will display the newest posts from followers in a news feed. The project will incorporate user authentication, real-time updates, and social interactions.

Key Tech Stack:  

  • Firebase for user authentication, database, and storage. Otherwise, Node.js, Python, or a custom back-end server with API access.

  • A custom back-end solution or Firebase Authentication for user authentication.

  • Firebase Storage stores user profile images and other material.

social media clone flutter project ideas
Social Media Clone (Source: Internet)

Flutter Project Ideas for Expert Developers

Are you an experienced Flutter developer looking to innovate mobile apps? Advanced functionalities and powerful external platforms used in these project concepts will help.

Animated Fitness Tracker

This project entails creating a fitness app with multiple workouts. Select workout programs, examine exercise instructions, and track progress. Workout reminders, progress graphs, and health suggestions may help users reach their fitness objectives in the app.

Key Tech Stack:  

  • The animated UI is built with Flutter.

  • Back-end storage: Firebase or Cloud storage for exercise data.

  • Firebase authentication, custom back-end progress tracking

  • Animated Libraries: Transform, AnimatedBuilder, etc. built into Flutter.

  • Sensors: Accelerometer, and gyroscope integration for exercise tracking.

  • Integrating fitness tracker APIs like Google Fit and Apple HealthKit to integrate workout data is optional.

  • Exercise data visualization libraries include charts_flutter and syncfusion_flutter_charts.

fitness tracker app
Fitness Tracker App (Source: Internet)

Drag-and-Drop Puzzle Game

This intriguing project lets you create a mobile app based on a traditional drag-and-drop puzzle game. The surprise is that the app tracks your progress and delivers crucial performance data while providing a fun and challenging gaming experience. 

This project is ideal for developers interested in user interface design, data storage, and authentication. It's a great chance to show off your Flutter talents while making a fun and educational game.

Key Tech Stack:  

  • Front-end: Flutter (game UI and animations)

  • Game Engine: Use a Flutter game engine plugin to simplify game production.

  • Flame: Flutter's light 2D gaming engine.

  • Another 2D game development option: SpriteWidget.

  • Provider or BLoC for game state (board, score, etc.).

  • Using Flame or Box2D for physics simulations depends on the game's complexity.

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Smart Assistant App

It is intriguing to design your app to measure and analyze user interaction through smart assistants. Flutter's sophisticated framework and capabilities will help you understand how people interact with artificial intelligence (AI) helpers, enabling a more personalized and intuitive user experience.

Key Tech Stack:  

  • Using platform-specific APIs for speech, or Speechly or Assembly SDKsNLP as a type of AI for speech recognition:

  • Natural Language Processing (NLP): Google Cloud Natural Language API, Amazon Comprehend cloud-based NLP or mobile NLP libraries like TensorFlow Lite (restricted capabilities).

  • TTS uses platform-specific APIs (Android TTS Engine, iOS AVSpeechSynthesis), Google Text-to-Speech, or Amazon Polly.

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AI-powered Chatbot

Create an intelligent chatbot that uses natural language and machine learning to answer user questions. The chatbot should understand normal language, learn from user interactions, and improve over time. It can help with customer service, information retrieval, and discussion.

Key Tech Stack:  

  • The back-end can be serverless using cloud functions like Firebase Cloud Functions.

  • Custom Python or Node.js server for sophisticated chat logic.

  • Custom or pre-trained chatbot algorithms for sentiment analysis or subject classification as model machine learning.

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Video Streaming App

This advanced project requires creating a video streaming program that lets users upload, watch, and share videos. The software will offer video playback, smooth streaming, and administration functions including cataloging videos, making playlists, and handling likes and comments.

Key Tech Stack:  

  • Cloud-based solution for user authentication, database, storage, and video management.

  • Use NoSQL database (e.g., Firestore Firestore, AWS DynamoDB) to store user data, video metadata, and other non-relational data.

  • Use cloud storage services like Firebase Storage or AWS S3 to store and manage video material.

  • CDN integration for effective video delivery.

  • Track user behavior, video viewing, and app performance with Firebase Analytics or Google Analytics.

video streaming app
Video Streaming App (Source: Internet)

Podcast Player

This project lets you create a podcast player like Google Podcasts, Spotify, TuneIn, Apple Podcasts, etc. This Dart-only software lets you skip quiet, increase volume, download for offline play, and more. This project requires webfeed, Just_Audio, and Provider plugins. The entire software relies on these plugins. Also, know how to integrate search engines into your Dart app.

Key Tech Stack:  

  • Audio or a comparable library for streaming and playback controls.

  • Webfeeds library or HTTP client for podcast titles, descriptions, and URLs

  • Integration of podcast streaming services like Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

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Flutter is a robust Android and iOS app development tool. Writing code once and deploying it on various devices saves time and effort. Here are Flutter project possibilities for different skill levels. Everyone can learn Flutter from simple to sophisticated projects. These project ideas give beginners and experts hands-on experience and improve app development skills.

Start working on your favorite Flutter project and build amazing, functioning mobile apps!

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