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Relia software is a product development company which puts great emphasis on User experience driven engineering as well as scalable software architecture. At Relia Software, we believe in creating digital experiences that reach millions and deliver value at every step.

We build MVP’s for startups and bespoke solutions for enterprises which ensure scalability, robustness and top notch user experiences. We have delivered more than 100 applications since 2011 for both web and mobile platforms varying over 10+ industries gives us an edge to deliver a perfect product for our clients.

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Product Strategy

At Relia Software, we design, develop web and mobile applications which not just User interface focused but customer experience driven to deliver personalized moments of delights to users. We combine design thinking and data as part of our product strategy to make customer experience on the application developed to be “Easy”, “Rewarding” and “Better”.

  • Strategy and positioning

    Relia Software will work hand in had with our customers in defining the overall scope of the project which includes but not limited to platform strategy(Web, mobile or wearable etc), defining the USP feature set, ad strategy etc.

    Having worked with over 100+ products and 1000’s of founders, we have accumulated bundles of experience and learnt “What not do”. Our subject matter experts would be working closely with all the stakeholders to define a winning formula for the project.

  • Data driven design

    Design has evolved over the years. It is not just about the aesthetics anymore. Data is taking over the world and design is definitely getting lot of benefits. We adopted to data driven design thought process as a company. We have created not just compelling UI’s but taken meaningful insights from the data and user behaviour to create digital milestones. With our data intelligence and design understanding approach, we are able to create applications that builds strong customer relationships.

  • Technology consulting

    Scalable, Robust and Secure architecture is a must when it comes to technology stack planning. But it does not end there! At Relia Software, we understand the requirement, product roadmap and expected traction to propose a solid architecture, deployment strategy as well as suitable programming language to best suit the project.

User Experience Design

We give great level of emphasis on user experience driven engineering. Design is not just about pixels. We act as strategists to understand the user behaviour and deliver what users want. UX is about simplifying things yet not compromising the USP of the product. We have also ensure that every developer at Relia Software adhere to design driven approach.

  • UX Strategy and Design

    User experience plays a major role in user retention and user base growth. Simpler to use the application better the conversion. Emphasis to create user friendly flows based on user behaviour and data is a must for any product’s success.

  • IA, Flowcharts and Wireframing

    Once the scope of a project is ready, we convert them into simpler flows by creating information architecture and low fidelity wireframes.

    Tools we use- Balsamiq, Sketch etc.

  • User interface design and Visual design

    User interface and visual designs are the crucial bits of any product development lifecycle. At Relia Software, we focus on creating designs which adhere to modern design guidelines which will also inspire thousands to use the application.

  • Interaction design and prototyping

    Interaction design has come a long way since old fashioned “click-click” interactions. Advancements in the smart devices enables us to innovate with the way users interact with the applications to increase the engagement. We also use tools like Framer.js, Flinto etc to demonstrate the interactions.

Lean and Agile Development

We follow agile development methodology both in our development as well as design phase. We provide daily updates through standup meetings, weekly builds and click through prototypes for design. We use best in class project management tools and practices to make sure effective communication and project success.

  • Web application development

    Our experts take care of both front-end and back-end development. Programming builds are based on the module, libraries, and tools, allowing Relia Software’s development team or any programmer to easily share libraries and implement complex functionality and features in a fast and efficient manner.

  • Mobile application development

    Mobile apps hardly need any introduction in this wiz- age! The number of Smartphone users is going up by the minute, and there are several apps in the market to suit the need of every user. We have created Android and iOS-based mobile apps in the fields of Health and Fitness, dating, Social Networking, audio and video streaming, and enterprise mobility. We help you create apps for the fast-developing mobile field.

  • Blockchain development

    We have been working on blockchain technology since early 2017 and have built couple of exciting products which are growing at exponential pace.

  • AR and VR development

    With advancements in React.js and other allied technologies, we have picked up AR and VR to build complex products to create content seamlessly.

  • AMP and PWA development

    Working directly with Google to transform mobile web experiences, we have worked on AMP and PWA extensively and also awarded as one of the leading agencies to contribute to the technology itself.


You’ll be working with one of the top mobile app development companies in Vietnam.