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Medical and healthcare app development

Establishing Benchmarks for Medical and Healthcare App Development Service Providers

We, in Relia Software, possess a complete mastery over healthcare app services, what people expect, and how their expectations can be solved for quality medical app development that becomes an everyday part of life.

Below are some of the necessary features we build Medical and Healthcare Applications with:
  • Push Notifications
  • Private Account
  • In-app Messages
  • In-app Payments
  • Activity Tracker
  • Telephonic and Video Consulting
  • Data Storage and AI-powered Analytics
  • Medical insurance claim
  • Pre-diagnosis
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Report Generation
  • E-prescription

Surpass Your Customers’ Expectations Integrating Technologies into Healthcare Application Solutions

AI-powered Data Analytics
AI-powered Data Analytics

Medical applications enable data analytics through every medication of patients for personalized treatment and comprehensive research, increasing the speed of recovery and the rightness of the treatment.

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Blockchain for Data Storage

A breach into a medical data storage system doesn’t just leak sensitive information, but can also result in data manipulation leading to incorrect treatments. Blockchain can work wonders to protect data integrity.

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Cloud Computing

Integrating cloud computing into medical and healthcare app development solutions implies effective data sharing, diagnosis, and medical help availability round the clock.

52% Smartphone Users Already Collect Medical-associated Information On Their Devices

Source: Healthcare Mobile App Trends in 2019

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Into Your Customers’ Hands With Healthcare Mobile App Development

On average, people check their phones 150 times a day. And healthcare mobile app development allows you to take advantage of this habit and engage people with better services.

Relia Software’s healthcare mobile app development wing comprises the best healthcare mobile app developers who have worked extensively in the industry and understand the nuances of development to build remarkable mHealth applications.

Why Relia Remains the First Choice of Enterprises for Healthcare App Development

With Relia Software, intuitive design, seamless navigation, well-defined functionalities, well-developed features, and error-free execution are given. But the healthcare industry requires more. We infuse advanced, industry-tested practices to develop and bring out the best and transformational healthcare apps ever built.

  • Robust security to make medical apps impenetrable.
    We reinforce medical apps with the latest security practices to prevent malware, viruses, anomalies, and hackers from preying on the applications.
  • Business-oriented approach for better prospects
    Medical web and mobile applications we build are equipped with prowess required to cut costs and increase app usage.
  • We build HIPAA-compliant healthcare apps
    We follow the metric set by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act to ensure the protection of sensitive medical data of patients.
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Stick Out With Unparalleled Healthcare Applications With the Right
Healthcare App Development Partner

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Top-notch Healthcare Mobile App Development

Reach out to every potential user and increase engagement with mHealth App Development

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Healthcare Android App Development

With Android devices dominating the mobile phone industry, healthcare android app development is a must unless there is a unique requirement.

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Healthcare IOS App Development​

IOS devices remain the first choice of smartphones in well-developed countries, and our Healthcare iOS App development would help you to penetrate such regions.

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Healthcare Cross-platform App Development

With cross-platform frameworks growing every day, cross-platform healthcare app development is a viable alternative for native healthcare app development.

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Healthcare Web App Development

Reach Your Customers’ UX and functionality expectations with Medical and Healthcare Web App Development.

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Speedy MVP Development

We execute our strategies at maximum seed and build the Minimum Viable Product to help our clients to impress the investors and attract users.

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Support and Maintenance

Hiring us implies that you have secured a reliable technical consultation, support, and maintenance partner for active collaboration.

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Increase Your Reach

Our medical web app development empowers businesses to dominate the online space with superior performances.

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Custom Healthcare App Development

Our healthcare app designers and developers are standing by to convert your ideas into features and functionalities.

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Wearable Healthcare App Development

Relia Software builds responsive wearable healthcare apps for continuous healthcare and fitness monitoring.

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Onestop solution for Healthcare

As a medial and healthcare app development company, Relia Software provides healthcare consultation, designing, development, testing, deployment, support, and maintenance services.

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Setting Novel Trends

We refine your ideas and custom requirements to a great extent to endow you with the applications capable of turning the tides.

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