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Relia Software has a complete grasp over the subtleties of development that produces unique, intriguing, and convincing travel applications. We center the target audience in every development phase to build user-centric interfaces so as to give users a seamless and memorable experience.

Below are some of the necessary features every Travel and Leisure application should have:
  • Social Media Login
  • Push Notifications
  • In-app Messaging
  • Live Map Integration
  • Multilanguage Support and Translator
  • Schedule Booking
  • AI-powered Recommendations
  • Advanced Search
  • Virtual Tour
  • Multiple Secure Payment Options
  • Multicurrency Support
  • Currency Converter
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Our robots’ AI skills help you keep ahead of the compliance and regulation game

Curious about Fintech and AI in banking? Here’s how intelligent automation banking solutions work. Watch a quick demo showing how Relia robots automate Know Your Customer (KYC) using Machine Learning and Natural Language

Maximize Your Web Presence and Take Advantage
of Web Searches with Travel Web App Development

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Seamless Navigation

As a Travel, Leisure, and Hospitality Services Company, your customers don’t spend a lot of time on one page of your app. They want to move around and compare. We make navigation clutter-free and a pleasure for them.

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Highly Responsive

Our qualified Travel web app developers go the extra mile to build highly intuitive and responsive web apps to make your customers’ journey planning and scheduling hasslefree.

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Technology Integration

As a tech-savvy Travel app development company, we embrace advanced technologies and integrate them into the applications we build. We work with Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, AR, and VR, among other technologies.

71% of Smartphone Users Who Use Their Phones for Travel Do So at Least Weekly

Source: Celent 2018

Travel and leisure app Development company

Engage Your Users Proactively with Travel Mobile App Development

The advent of smartphones and mobile applications has provided businesses with a plethora of tools to promote themselves.

With Travel mobile app development, you can reach out to your customers and market your services to increase the conversions. In fact, 58% of travel apps are used at least monthly. Your travel mobile app also allows your customers to access your services 24x7, increasing brand loyalty, revenue, and reputation.

Why Relia Software remains the Go-to Travel App Development Company of Business Giants?

Relia Software places app quality above all else. We approach development through a defined structure to ensure speed, performance, and relevancy when the products come out of the company. We also double our efforts to make the features of the app easily accessible.

  • Automate unstructured data from emails, PDFs, documents and forms.
  • Put automation in the hands of your bank’s advisers, in customer-facing functions.
  • Automate processes no matter the scenario: attended, unattended or hybrid, with a human in the loop.
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Transform your compliance operations,
and then your business

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Capitalize on your RPA investments with new use cases

Break free from previous limitations and  invigorate your automation  initiative

  • Process work end to end, faster and easier
  • Deliver new compliance use cases with attended and hybrid automation
  • Realize the full benefits of a more complete and expansive RPA opportunity
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Get control of your bank's compliance costs

Use intelligent technology instead of manual effort to achieve compliance productivity

  • Rapidly reduce compliance backlogs
  • Eliminate wasted effort by making your processes more intelligent with pragmatic Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Evolve your workforce strategy to meet today’s banking demands
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Improve your bank's risk profile​

Reduce regulatory risk and fines by leveraging a digital workforce

  • Reduce manual errors down to near-zero​
  • Refocus your team’s efforts on investigation and analysis
  • Update automations as quickly as regulations change to keep pace with requirements
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Our team of experts leverage their profound Traveltravel-app-development Development expertise to create custom online stores, integrations and applications.

We're always here to help you on your Relia journey, in any way we can.