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What is a NextJS platform?

Released in October 2016, Next.js is an open source web development framework for creating web applications that redefine responsivity. The Next.js framework is comparatively younger with its stable release in June 2019, but it has got a stack of advantages propelling its early adoption.

Of all the benefits Next.js web app development has to offer, two features deserve the unwavering attention of the Next.js development community and business.

One, before a web application becomes visible to the user, it has to load all the JavaScript, and that increases the waiting time. Server-side rendering of Next.js applications brings down the waiting time drastically.

Two, for a public webpage to appear at the top of the search results (meaning, to have more traffic and business), search engines have it crawl the webpages and understand what they are about before indexing. Next.js framework effectively tells the SEO algorithms about the content in the web page.

Relia Software is a Next.js development services provider and company that remains the first choice for web app development in the industry. We have been working with Next.js framework since its inception, and thanks to that, we can now proudly claim that we understand everything there is to know about the Next.js development. We have also incorporated the industries’ best Next.js developers to empower our clients with solutions that will support their business growth.

Why Choose Next.js For Web Development?

Next.js is Easy to Deploy and Use
Next.js is Easy to Deploy and Use

Next.js doesn’t require myriad configurations before your developers dive into the development. It is also easy for developers to develop an application with Next.js.

Next.js Offers a Performance boost
Next.js Offers a Performance boost

Server-side Rendering of Next.js front-end development framework provides the web applications a performance boost and makes it super SEO-friendly.

Automatic Code Splitting
Automatic Code Splitting

Next.js development framework code-splitting enables the applications to load faster as it has to run only the required bundles of code based on the request made.

Prefetching: Next.js Apps
Prefetching: Next.js Apps

Next.js-developed web apps load the optimized bundles of code behind the screen and drastically reduces the waiting time for the users, improving their experience.

Next.js Development Services

Next.js Web Development

We build highly versatile, scalable, and responsive Next.js web applications with meticulously crafted features and functionalities to assist you in your business endeavors.

Next.Js Planning and Strategy

Relia software, as a Next.js web development company, has a complete grasp over the subtleties of the framework to empower the business, with a keen eye on the future.

Next.Js Custom Development

Every business and every industry has unique requirements that must be quenched to grow to the next level. Our Next.js development team goes the extra mile for custom-tailored Next.js development solutions.

Next.js Upgrade

We have worked with various businesses upgrading their web solutions into the latest Next.js updates to offer their customers an experience they will want to have again.

Next.js Maintenance

As a Next.js development company, Relia Software deploys the best Next.js developers for the maintenance of your Next.js applications to ensure they remain at their functional best throughout their time.

Next.js Support

Our Next.js support teams are available 24x7 to provide you with better support and assistance. The experienced Next.js specialists take care of the necessary as soon as possible.

Why Relia Software’s Next.js Developers are Sought-After in the Industry?

Great Industrial Experience

We have worked with a multitude of industries and businesses for we understand every necessary step and process involved in Next.js web app development.

Communication and Project Management

Being a Next.js development company, we understand how critical it is to the project management models and keep the stakeholders in the loop throughout the Next.js development process.

Blending With Your Teams

You can hire our dedicated Next.js developers and have them work closely with your team for effective planning, establishing goals, and guaranteed Web app development

Capable Next.js Teams

Based in Vietnam, our Next.js developers are highly skilled and possess the knowledge required to develop high performing and responsive Next.js web applications.

Faster Next.js Development

Relia Software has incorporated experienced Next.js specialists to facilitate faster Next.js development while keeping the quality sky-high, if not above.

Frequently Asked Questions

If I hire dedicated Next.js developers, will they work only for my project?

Yes, if you choose to hire Next.js developers with a dedicated team model, they will be dedicating their working time only for your project. Even their leaves will be processed only after your approval.

Will you be providing support after the completion of Next.js web app development?

Yes, every project we complete is provided with free support up to a certain period. If you are in need of support or any other service after the fixed period, we have a good number of affordable plans for that as well.

I want to hire a team of Next.js developers, but I plan to scale the team in the future. Can you work on this model?

Sure, Relia Software can assist you to scale up and scale down your Next.js development teams, but we will expect you to provide the information before two weeks.

How do you ensure Next.js web development quality?

We take a methodical approach right from the initiation of Next.js development process and follow code standards to ensure a bug-free product. We also have dedicated testing and quality assurance teams to analyze the project before deployment. Apart from that, we also have periodic code reviews and walk-throughs to render the wrongs right at the nascent.


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