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At Relia, we create functional and clean applications that can cater your usability needs using the UX design process. As a UX design company, we create B2B applications that are effective to the core for the end user. Finding solutions specific to our clients’ situations, we bring out user-friendly, aesthetically pleasing apps based on UX/UI design methodology.

Notable among the best UX companies, Relia has the best team of experienced UI/UX visual designers that inculcate the design consultant design process from step one.

Why Choose Relia for your UX/UI Requirements


Our application process is focused on efficiency and driven by mission of being useful to the end user.


We ensure that our users can perform basic tasks with minimum difficulty. Thus, the complexity of the application is solved by increasing the usability value of the design.

Primary End-User
Primary End-User

Simple applications empower our users. We give the reins of the design in the hands of the user to make them smarter and in more control of the application.

MVC Architecture
MVC Architecture

Relia believes in delivering value to the customers via high functionality. Our offers are low on the pocket. We give high end designs are low cost that enable them to win hearts.

Mobile and Web Application Design Agency

Mobile and Web Application Design Agency

Our UI/UX capabilities

Our UI/UX capabilities

  • Experience Design
  • Behaviour understanding
  • Architecture/Design system
  • Interface Design
  • Responsive design
  • Visual design and identity
  • Branding and Brand guidelines
  • Design assets

UI/UX Design Services

We give a great level of emphasis on user experience driven engineering. Design is not just about pixels. We act as strategists to understand the user behaviour and deliver what users want. UX is about simplifying things yet not compromising the USP of the product. We have also ensure that every developer at Relia Software adheres to a design driven approach.

UX Strategy and Design

User experience plays a major role in user retention and user base growth. Simpler to use the application better the conversion. Emphasis to create user friendly flows based on user behaviour and data is a must for any product’s success.

IA, Flowcharts and Wireframing

Once the scope of a project is ready, we convert them into simpler flows by creating information architecture and low fidelity wireframes. Tools we use- Balsamiq, Sketch etc.

User interface design and Visual design

Interaction Design and Prototyping

Interaction design has come a long way since old fashioned “click-click” interactions. Advancements in the smart devices enables us to innovate with the way users interact with the applications to increase the engagement. We also use tools like Framer.js, Flinto etc to demonstrate the interactions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between UI design and UX design?

UX Design stands for User Experience Design, while UI design refers to User Interface Design. UI design is about the things that users see while navigating a digital product on an application or software. While UX design is the feeling that they have when doing so.

Why is UI UX design important?

UI UX is an important element of building an application these days. The major focus of any application is how quickly and efficiently the app moves around with the design. A good UI UX design will ensure that the end-users are able to navigate a digital product in the most efficient fashion. This also leads to attracting more traffic to the website or the app.

What are all the UI UX Design Services that you are offering?

In our wide range of services, our UI UX Design solutions involve the aspects of information architecture, interaction design, navigation design, wireframing, and usability engineering.

What are the benefits of UI UX designs?


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