Mobile App Development

Why Your Business Needs a Mobile App?

Independent researchers claim that over five billion mobile users in the world make the global internet penetration of mobile app usage stand at 57%, while a total of 194 billion apps were downloaded in 2018 alone. Needless to say, these figures prove the speed at which people are becoming app-friendly and seeking a revolution in the mobile app industry. More than ever, businesses want to make the most of this uprise in order to generate new or increase existing business.

As the mobile app development industry is growing exponentially and tirelessly, there are exceedingly numerous ways in which users can be engaged via the apps. Today, from commercial brands to trading industries, every company needs mobile apps that can market their products and services with operational concepts.

Mobile Apps Usage

On average, a person spends about 162 minutes on the mobile phone. With amazing marketing tactics in place, you can utilize this time frame to get your customers to download your app easily. 85% of the traffic comes from mobile apps. The presence of a mobile app for your business increases the brand presence and manifolds your chances of getting recognized.

Future with Mobile Apps

With 58% year on year mobile usage increasing, mobile apps have become a direct marketing channel for your business. You do not have to rely on secondary means of promotions. With features like push notifications, you can remind your customers about various offers and deals directly.

How We Build User-Friendly Mobile Apps?

At Relia Software, we have experienced mobile app developers who can build a highly scalable and UX design-driven mobile app that is incremental and can help you gain competitive advantages over others.

The real-time results, exceptional prominence on personalized user experience, and the expertise of our mobile app developers at hand help us understand the importance of mobile apps and Relia Software promises to deliver the most responsive, data-driven, and well-designed mobile app development services in the industry.

We take pride in our team of skilled Vietnam mobile app developers who can craft intelligent apps with great emphasis on the importance of simplified features for enterprises and startups. If you are seeking a scalable, robust and secure mobile app, we are the company you are looking for. Our aptitude lies in developing cross-platform and native mobile apps aiming at 100% customer satisfaction.

Relia Software visions to bring forth a fully functioning and polished app that caters to clients and stakeholders alike. We can guide you in enabling your users with specific needs that will, in turn, boost your growth and revenues with the offered end products.



With a competitive marketplace to combat, Relia believes in delivering the product by minimizing the time-to-market. The blueprint set by the professionals and experts at Relia helps to launch the product in the market faster and improves the promotion of the app.



A clear direction and strategy are the pillars of a great app. We understand the importance of customer engagement as a vital aspect for every business and work towards making that possible for you.

At Relia, we highlight the core benefits of your business in the app and powers your business goals.



We at Relia promise a suite of administrative services that assist you in maintaining your mobile applications.

We understand the strenuous process of application maintenance and our services are tailor-made for today's nimble enterprise. For tasks like bug fixing, server issues, and system failures, our team guarantees full support. Additionally, we take a step ahead and support you with new functionalities and version updates according to your mobile app’s requirements.

With Relia you are always assured of your application’s success.

Mobile App Development Services

Our customers reward us for the excellent delivery model, creativity, scalability and modularity that we cater, along with our services.

Relia is continuously working towards strengthening and extending partnerships and fostering futuristic technologies for the clients. Our tech solutions create a meaningful differentiation with our customers’ recognition.

We have extensive experience with businesses across domains and verticals. This enables us with sought-after custom Android application solutions in multiple sectors.

iOS App Development

iOS app development is the new way of Business empowerment that can take you to the next level of success. Companies across the globe are investing in customer retention procedures by developing iOS-based applications and bringing the attention it deserves.

Android App Development

Utilizing the best of technologies, we offer the top-end application development with high functionality and performance guarantee to our android based clients.

Cross-Platform Mobile App development

Combining intuitive design and integrating seamless features, we offer the best user experience on our Cross-Platform Mobile App development services.

Hire Dedicated Flutter app developers

Stretching our excellence, our offshore team is set up across the globe and supports our clients dedicatedly. We provide complete flexibility on team size, working process and the extended team or building from scratch

Enterprise Mobile App Development

Relia Software team has the capabilities to build scalable enterprise mobile apps for enterprises.


Let us help make your development project a success.