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A captivating and iteratively developed web app can help your idea blossom into a prosperous enterprise. Our team at Relia Software has been developing feature-rich, aesthetically pleasing web apps utilising the Ruby on Rails (ROR) framework for over a decade. Knowledgeable developers with experience with this open-source, full-stack web app framework know how to maximize its flexibility to create a scalable app. With our tailored ROR development solutions, we can transform your innovative idea into a successful application.

Our Ruby On Rails Development Team At Relia Software

Ruby on Rails developers at Relia Software are skilled professionals that deliver clients web apps that are secure, fast, and scalable. Our mission is to provide innovative ROR solutions to a wide range of industries while maintaining 100% client satisfaction. 

Our Ruby on Rails Skillset:

Extensive Expertise

Superb knowledge of the Ruby on Rails framework for creating web applications.

Superb Coding Skills

Proficient in adhering to the Rails principles and producing code that is both clean and organized.

APIs Services

Skills in integrating with APIs and third-party services, such as Stripe, Twilio, SendGrid, etc.

Web Analytics

Competence in web security measures, such as authentication and encryption.

Development Experience

Familiarity with cloud platforms such as Azure, Heroku, and Amazon Web Services (AWS) for the deployment and scalability of Rails apps.

Knowledge of Testing

Familiarity with Rails testing frameworks and methodologies, such as RSpec, Capybara, Selenium, and others.

Competence in Analysis

The capacity to debug Rails applications as well as strong analytical and problem-solving abilities.

Proficient English Communication

Every one of our developers possesses a high level of proficiency in the English language, enabling them to comprehend and cater to your specific business requirements.

Our Ruby On Rails Development Services

Custom Web Application Development
Custom Web Application Development

Develop a variety of web applications tailored to your specific needs. Whatever your requirement, from a photo editing app to a help desk, we can provide you with tailored solutions by leveraging the wide Ruby on Rails ecosystem.

CMS Development
CMS Development

Create scalable content management systems that put you in charge of every aspect of your website's operation. Whether you're looking for a website for a personal or business blog, an online store, or something else entirely, we can make it happen. You can customise the product to your specifications and add on common features with Ruby's extensive gem library.

E-Commerce Development
E-Commerce Development

Create agile online stores with features like shopping carts, order administration, and payment processing using Ruby on Rails' model-view-controller architectural pattern. Ensure a seamless user experience and secure transactions.

Complex SAAS Platforms Development
Complex SAAS Platforms Development

Ruby on Rails enables the development of high-end software, digital goods, and SaaS solutions. HRM, CRM, ERP, Accounting Software, Project Management Systems, and other complicated applications are within our skill set. Get the best solutions for your business with our Ruby on Rails development services.

Our Ruby On Rails Development Process

Step 1: Discovery 

In order to determine the viability of your project, we begin by collecting requirements, doing a competitive analysis, identifying company goals, etc.

Step 2: Design/Wireframe

Following a thorough analysis of your needs, we will build your website's wireframes and, if necessary, prototypes at a high level of detail.

Step 3: Development

Our team will implement your website's content and pages into a content management system. All website pages and other components are developed.

Step 4: Testing & QA 

Your website is subjected to comprehensive testing that covers all aspects, from appearance to functionality.

Step 5: Deployment

We assist you in deploying your site to any platform of your choice and finishing the configuration after you have completed website creation and testing.

Why Choose Relia Software for Ruby On Rails Web App Development?

With an emphasis on user experience and security, our team of seasoned Ruby on Rails developers builds web apps that are scalable, maintainable, and perform exceptionally well.

High Security

Our utmost concern is the safeguarding of our clients' personal information. We guarantee the security of all information related to your company and initiatives.

Easy to Scale Up

We make it simple to scale up or down teams as needed. We can scale up at any time because we have a large team of specialists, testers, consultants, designers, and developers.

Affordable Rates

When compared to other market providers, we are convinced that our price level is reasonable and attractive. No matter what your needs or budget are, our team will always offer you the best cost possible.

Top-Quality Services

Our team of expert Ruby on Rails developers creates and launches secure, fast, and extensible RoR solutions for customers all around the globe.

Easy Communication

Time-zone alignment and English proficiency improve team communication. Each of our developers is fluent in English and understands your business needs. In case you live in a different time zone, we will arrange overlap hours for daily meetings.

Minimised Risks

There are a number of potential downsides of developing a new digital product, such as over budget, missing deadlines, losing chances, etc. Based on our broad industry expertise, effective schedule planning, discussion, and workflow tracking, we strive to prevent all of these risks and find the best solutions to eliminate them.

Commitment To Quality 

Our open source software, ecosystem of ready-to-use tools and Agile methodology boost our team's productivity when developing RoR web apps. Web development is faster and cheaper this way.

Efficiency and Economy

By outsourcing your Ruby on Rails development to us, you may avoid managing your in-house team. Development and staffing will cost less. Taxes, hardware, software licences, salaries, remuneration, and recruiting and training are included.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I totally outsource my Ruby on Rails development project?

It is entirely possible to hire a third party to handle all aspects of your Ruby on Rails development. Relia will attend to all of your needs. We can put together a group of skilled programmers to see your project through from beginning to end.

How are work hours and communication managed remotely?

Over the last 11 years, we've had the pleasure of collaborating with clients all over the globe, and we've accomplished a lot by solving engineering problems for our 300+ clients remotely.

Slack, Jira, and Trello boards are some of the productivity tools we use to keep communication open and transparent. We also promote daily standup calls. There is always a set time for doing daily standups, answering questions, and having further .

We guarantee that there will be no hiccups due to differences in time zones or locations.

Can I hire RoR developers that are available to work during my time zone?

Sure thing. Our RoR developers are available for hire around your time zone. No matter which time zone you are in, our developers have demonstrated experience and expertise collaborating with clients across many different time zones.

For Ruby on Rails, which databases are you most familiar with?

We make use of SQL databases such as MySQL and PostgreSQL. Projects built with NOSQL databases like MongoDB are also available upon request.

What are benefits and drawbacks of Ruby on Rails?

Ruby on Rails's simplicity and capacity to expedite development make it a popular choice. Although there are numerous benefits, you need also be aware of the few drawbacks. Read our blog about Ruby On Rails framework to get more.


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