BOT Services & ODC Model

BOT Services & ODC Model

Relia Software is 100% capable of providing the best ODC Services in the market. Do not worry about productivity, efficiency and legal operations. We are there to get all our requirements covered, being a one-stop ODC solution forever. Our priority lies in providing you with the resources and support which you have been looking for. With the skills and tools we provide, you can reach the next level of growth. With the Build-Operate-Transfer process, our software development team would take pride in streamlining every process for you from scratch with Software outsourcing.


The Offshore Development Center would fit every business requirement the right way. Wondering how? It would be the best-suited model for establishing your business in the future market goal. The Build-Operate-Transfer model (BOT model) lets you stay competitive and successful in the market. Your ODC team should be reliable to work with. They should let you spare your time from legal entities. They can simplify those never-ending hiring and testing processes. They should also hold the responsibility to complete all the documentation and paperwork-related works. Meeting deadlines on time should be their personal trait. With BOT services, the software developers should focus on all the customer requirements, project attributes and offer flexible operations at every stage of the project completion through Software outsourcing.


With the Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) process, you can handle all the project related processes in an ultra-professional and simplified manner. The Build, Operate & Transfer services are designed to let the software development team geographically accustom to the project location.






Our resources would set, regulate and manage all the IT operations. Until the completion of the project, we are here to handle every operation in a professionally enticing manner. Our team let you manage all the core operations without any hurdles. The operational processes would be extremely smoother with no challenges. The offshore operations would get aligned in a smoother manner with our software developers team by your side.



Once the project is over, the resources would transfer the entire control to your team. Every detail you have provided would be confidential. With the like-minded BOT team, you can get all the processes done and successfully complete your project. This way, you can retain your customer’s trust forever. Your brand value would grow multidimensionally when the project gets completed.

Advantages of Build, Operate & Transfer Services:

Advantages of Build, Operate & Transfer Services:

The primary focus of the BOT model is to take the business operations, on-time delivery and project quality to the next level. The BOT engagement model would offer everyone with clear-cut advantages which can provide high-end value to every business. With an ability where you can possess the upper hand over the entire nearshore or offshore development operations, you can get the projects done within the timeframe you prefer. Let’s take a look at the advantages:

Why do you need Offshore Development Companies?

Skilful and knowledgeable resources

With regards to Offshore Software Development, many companies have been reasonably concerned about the working model and capability of individual resources.

With the talented oasis of developers at Relia Software, we can increase the strength of the team as per the requirements.

Get it done fast

Hiring someone around the other corner of the world would hasten the application development process. When a developer at one nation calls it a night, another developer can utilise the space, equipment and tools and work on to deliver on time. This can loosen the tight grip of the competition, shorten the overall product life cycles and increase your ROI.

Cut the costs

How much would you be capable of expecting an Offshore Development Center? Let’s depend on the characteristics of the project, where saving the cost without compromising on the quality would hold a great space of importance.

With fewer capital expenditures from the client, you can handle their requirement within the budget. You can get rid of all the unnecessary costs without any compromise over the quality.

Core Expertise

At Relia Software, we let our professionals adopt all the client’s standards, norms and work environment while we maintain the domain skills, knowledge and products.

 When the client states their requirements and needs subtly, the team would delve deeper to decode their requirements to the next level in a proactive manner.

Retain the knowledge

Whatever is shared within the closed cubicles would remain indoors. This can ensure top-notch development services for the upcoming years.

The solutions would exceed what the client expected, which we can guarantee. Knowledge retention would ensure that your data is in safe hands.

Prioritize on On-Time Delivery

We do not include missed deadlines as a part of our work dictionary. Our clients need not worry about late delivery. We are flexible enough to deal with timely product delivery.

We can focus our efforts in the right direction. With On-Time Delivery, you can always be on the leading edge of competition.

Offshore Development Center

MVC Architecture

Why Relia Software for ODC & BOT services?

At Relia Software, we let our professionals adopt all the client’s standards, norms and work environment while we maintain the domain skills, knowledge and products.

When the client states their requirements and needs subtly, the team would delve deeper to decode their requirements to the next level in a proactive manner.

Relia Software leverages a special model meant to handle app development with processes, methodologies, technologies and tools meant to handle every client’s requirements and needs.

With every Offshore Development Center being dedicated to a single client throughout the project, every team can show equal commitment and embrace every client’s requirements and goals.

They can also simplify business needs and processes. To put it in a nutshell, our ODC resources would be an asset to your onsite team.

With BOT being an extensive IT outsourcing engagement model, any company can establish a long-term IT development team in its offshore location.

This model would suit every company with access to intellectual properties, strict data along with other compliance and regulatory requirements. BOT would enhance your control over all the assets and remote resources.

You can allow all the vital upfront costs required to establish offshore or nearshore IT development requirements. Relia Software is here to let you move on the right track.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why BOT model offshoring is the best option for your business?

BOT model would always ensure that you cut down the unnecessary costs, manage your intellectual properties security-wise and control all the assets wisely. You get to complete the project on-time without any hurdles.

Who would be involved in designing and building the project under BOT model?

Relia Software would take responsibility for that. We ensure that we achieve timely delivery on the process with zeal towards perfection while designing and building every project under BOT model.

How much does it cost for ODC services?

It wouldn’t cost much when you depend on ODC services compared to the inhouse team. At Relia Software, we always charge reasonable prices.

Why Relia Software for ODC?

At Relia Software, you get all the required support with regards to ODC. With that, you can develop high-quality products and deliver the best services in the market.


Let us help make your development project a success.