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We leverage web & mobile apps daily. We accomplish the majority of tasks within a few snaps of fingers with mobile and web apps. What’s happening behind the screen? Undoubtedly, it’s the magic of Angular, which is one of the popular frameworks like Javascript. Angular is mostly used to build applications for mobile and desktop.

Do you know that the name ‘Angular’ was derived from the concept of angle brackets (‘< >’) used in HTML? AngularJS was developed by Google team as a side project by two developers Misko Hevery and Adam Abrons in 2009, aiming to provide an end-to-end tool that allowed web designers to interact with both the frontend and the backend. It is nothing but an open-source, web-based framework which we utilise to build single-page web applications. The architectures such as MVC (Model - View- Controller) and MVVM (Model - View - View - Model) provide frameworks on both development and testing to facilitate easy processing for the client. If you are looking for the market winning Angular app development solutions, Relia should be the name in your foresight. We let you build the best industry-oriented apps that would speak of your business legacy for days to come.

Hire Relia Software to build the best ever Web & Mobile apps using Angular

At Reliasoft, we let customers handle millions of code, multiple engineers, product requirements, and workflows under one roof with the power of Angular. With Angular, we are here to act as a bridge to solve, build, manage and divide work among folks belonging to appropriate roles.

Why Angular for business app?

AngularJS is a structured framework that helps to build the most user-centric and compelling mobile and web apps. It is considered among masses to be the most prolific and largest data-centric applications. With the magic potion of Angular, you can go on to build, manage, and control the workflow under a single roof. Angular lets you use HTML as your template. You can also extend HTML's syntax as required.

SPA (Single-Page Applications)

SPAs is one of the finest benefits which Angular brews. When a user clicks and navigates the application, it continues with the flow and directs the user to the next page rather than reloading or creating a new page. Simultaneously, you can send and receive the data.

High Quality-oriented apps

Angular is one among the first of choice for any developer. It comes up with the most business-friendly features. Angular is popular because of its high-quality features, independent platform approach and all this adds on with the ability to majorly support all the browsers. Whenever the Angular team is releasing new features at periodic intervals, it gets constantly added to the intensified user experience.

The best pool of Developer community

Angular is very popular among the community of developers in the market. Since the introduction of initial Angular framework versions, it has seen rapid growth. They have also created a powerful community across the world, which enables all the front-row Angular developers to contribute constantly, mutually share their programming experience, go on to discuss their quirky ideas and solve the complex problems together.

Abridged Architecture

Angular framework is centrally embedded with MVC (Model-view-controller). The advantage is that it doesn’t request any developers to dissect the app into separate Model-View-Controller components. This helps the Developer to perform faster with fewer coding.

Maintained by Google with care

Angular Framework is proudly developed and maintained by Google. It is one of the topmost frameworks. There is always quick support and action from the google team whenever you report any errors. At every frequent interval, Google is coming up with the updated versions of Angular with great features added to each framework version.

Why rely on Relia Software for Angular Development Services?

We simplify the task
We simplify the task

Angular is being used to develop leading applications across the world. The improvisation happens at every instance, be it using polyfills (Javascript Code) to render animations in the recent versions and now rendered with the ability to remove it without JS code. We help you fast track along with the newer versions.

Risen among your competitors
Risen among your competitors

Angular is being used by small-scale and large-scale web applications for their cross-browser compatible web apps. Many leading apps in the industry like PayPal, Gmail, Netflix, Upwork, The Guardian, etc were developed by Angular web frameworks. We let you develop apps of such high business standards and top-notch quality.

Build Large Enterprise Applications
Build Large Enterprise Applications

Angular helps to organize the workflow in companies and manages the larger operations. It has risen among its competitors like React.js, Vue, Ember, Meteor, etc. With Angular, we let you create enterprise apps by easing the potency. For Mobile and Web applications development, our team consists of pioneers whom you can trust without an eye bait. With the platform-centric approach and expertise over various sets of tools, we code faster and roll down an easier app development process.

Frequently Asked Questions

While hiring Angular developers’ team for my dream Project, what extra perks would I be availing?

This is a matter of consultation, but we can assure you that you will get something more than expected. Here you will get an experienced team of Angular developers along with a project manager who can reduce your overall burden to manage the project.

How can we feel confident about Angular developers' expertise?

You would get the best results when you check out your developers' skills along with thorough expertise which is the key requisite for taking any interview via Skype call. At Relia, we are always ready to prove our expertise in the way you deem perfect. You need not think twice if you want to provide us with test tasks to test and prove our coding skills and standards.

Do you charge any hidden costs while providing Angular development services?

Apart from the charges for third party Ad-ons, there is nothing much we would be charging you with. Everything would be transparent and in case of any additional cost, we would inform you in advance.

Do you Sign NDA for my project?

Yes, we do provide and sign NDAs. For our team, Our customer integrity and trust are of highest priority.

Will the hired AngularJS developer work dedicatedly for me?

Yes, they are going to be a part of your in-house team. You can rely on them with confidence. They would take care of all your requirements by providing immediate turnarounds.


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