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What is a NodeJS platform?

Not always do we have a complete idea of the importance of an open source platform. However, while opting for it, it is crucial to understand the workings and benefits. NodeJS is one such open source cross-platform with around 4 million+ users across the globe. Entering the cloud stacks and IoT, it can assist you to develop server-side development on a proven track record.

Relia offers real-time web-apps and traffic-driven mobile apps to our clients at Relia. We are one of the leading companies providing NodeJS development to our clients.

We provide customized solutions as our expert team handles every minute detail of development and delivers an error-free final product. Relia promises of real-time & scalable applications built on the powerful framework of node js.

Why choose NodeJS for your development?

Cross-platform development
Cross-platform development

You can build NodeJS apps running on Linux, macOS, Microsoft Windows, NonStop, and Unix servers effortlessly.

Development Speed and Flexibility
Development Speed and Flexibility

With fewer lines of code, the NodeJS development enables you to complete the project faster. It speeds up your development and keeps your code tighter.

Rich Ecosystem of Modules
Rich Ecosystem of Modules

The library of modules on offer for NodeJS provides lots of pre-coded functionalities for use in development. It provides lots of pre-coded functionalities for use in development.

High-Performance Web Applications
High-Performance Web Applications

Operating on a single thread, NodeJS enables the handling of a million concurrent connections at once.

Selecting the NodeJS Development Company

The single-threaded nature of nodeJS makes it valuable for non-blocking and event-driven servers. As a NodeJS Development Company we at Relia leverage the multiple platform facilities and deliver to clients with the best products. We offer:

Dedicated Resources

Our policy is to provide cost-effective and dedicated resources to our clients and ensure 100% satisfaction. You can also outsource NodeJS development by facilitating remote NodeJS developers if required.

On-demand and deadline

Relia offers on-demand NodeJS developers who keep your project as a priority and maintain the deadline.

Exclusive Project Manager

We assign a dedicated project manager for your project and keep you updated about every proceeding along the way. A clear roadmap is sought-after and a pipeline of work is created for transparency and visibility.

Skilled Team

We have a skilled team in the field of NodeJS development and the top NodeJS developers with exceptional talents.

Services Across Globe

Our NodeJS development services are spread around the world as we offer 24x7 support at Relia to our valuable clients.

Why choose Relia for your NodeJS development?

Relia is the best NodeJS API development company in Vietnam helping clients achieve their business objectives. We leverage the depth of NodeJS and build high performing web applications based on Javascript.

  • NodeJS Consultation

    Our highly experienced technology experts on NodeJS development can guide you with your enterprise requirements and help your website perform better.

  • Multiple Connections

    As a development company, our team is capable of handling a large number of connections simultaneously. Relia has clients across domains and hails years of experience in working effortlessly.

  • Faster Communication

    The overall time of data communication is much faster than other streaming as the process of loading is reduced.

  • Multiple Frameworks & APIs

    NodeJS uses JavaScript on the server and runs on various platforms. Our team taps the benefits of these multiple frameworks that increase the efficiency of the platform along with REST, JSON APIs, JavaScript.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost to hire a NodeJS Developer?

You can hire NodeJS developers at a nominal rate as our cost-effective policy help you choose from the top NodeJs developers in our team who build remarkable application/websites right in the deadline.

How much time does it take to develop a NodeJS Project?

The timeline depends on the requirements, size and model of the project. In general, it takes about 3 to 8 weeks to complete a project while factors like size, customization, integration, feature, and functionalities of your website can impact it.

What project management tools do you use?

Relia boosts of top-notch management tools aligned with agile practices like Jira, Slack, Trello. While we welcome adopting any other tool that can serve the team and our client alike.


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