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Validate Your Ideas with MVP Development

The lean manufaturing methods have significantly transformed the way we deal with product development. This approach works with agile to generate more usable, feasible and valuable products. With MVP, you can develop a reliable product idea and realize it visually. Your ideation phase will be taken to the next level due to this strategy.

Relia Software, as an MVP Development Company, can handle all your MVP requirements professionally. We have built 100+ MVPs. With the upper hand of our services, many startups have scaled up to great heights. We are also known for the never-ending support and turnarounds we provide. Enter our adventure for your MVP growth! 

Our MVP Development Services Serve Businesses of All Sizes



Your startup needs a fastly high-quality MVP to secure budget and get a market niche? We are here!

Our MVP development services save you time on team setup and process optimisation. Relia's experts can quickly analyse your company idea, determine an efficient approach to implement it, and produce a high-quality solution at low cost.

Small Businesses


It is unnecessary to hire an in-house staff to develop only one project for your company. Instead, we can help you quickly create a holistic solution with lower cost and effort.

Hire us! We make sure you have an app that meets your company needs and can be simply integrated into your current process.



You can test market ideas without hiring additional developers, leading to a low-cost viable product. Turn over your MVP development to us!

Our MVPs improve your business processes, grow with you, and generate a positive ROI via high performance. We ensure your new product fulfills market standards.

After verifying the market idea, we'll seamlessly transfer the project and code to your team.

Our MVP Development Services

MVP Development Consulting

MVP Development Consulting

Relia's engineers and business analysts will give you professional assessment and some rough estimates. We help you generate ideas, outline the must-have features of your MVP, and choose the best tech stack for MVP software development.

This comprehensive MVP development consulting solution helps clients visualize their finished product.


MVP Prototyping

MVP Prototyping

We can develop a prototype to validate the look rather than collect product's detailed feedback. This lets you test the idea with fewer resources and provide users (stakeholders or investors) an interactive visualization of the solution.


Market Analysis

Market Analysis

Our MVP development services include market research to reduce risks and understand the client's company position. We evaluate market need, competitor research, SWOT analysis, and produce reports and strategic recommendations using qualitative and quantitative approaches.


Custom MVP Development

Custom MVP Development

Our end-to-end MVP development services will cover from ideation to delivery and support. The implementation of Agile principles lets us work quickly while producing robust, flexible code for an MVP that will finally become a full-fledged product.

We prioritize features and gather project requirements for MVP Design. The MVP's UX/UI prototype will be presented to the client for approval. To provide the most comprehensive products, we cherish our customers' opinions, listen to and fulfill them as well as possible.


MVP Improvement

MVP Improvement

We will develop an improvement strategy using the data you collected after your MVP solution first launched. We will improve the MVP, add market relevance, optimize expenses and effort, create measurable KPIs, and plan for a full-fledged product.


Full-scale Product

Full-scale Product

Our team of business analysts and project managers will assist you in the transition from MVP development services to full-fledged software development. We will help you prioritize major product pain points to be solved, design a development strategy, and plan to scale the project.

Our Approach to MVP Development

Step 1: Analysis

Our analysts determine your vision and goals, research the market, evaluate scope, and identify risks and mitigation solutions. Technical experts help align your expectations with technical capabilities and correctly estimate deadlines. After this phase, you will understand your target market and how to incorporate your idea into your business strategy. Time and cost will be estimated with a project roadmap.


Step 2: Prototype 

This is where your product starts to take form. To show you how your system will work and how the user experience will be, our specialists build high-fidelity prototypes. The UX/UI prototypes will be presented to the client for assessment and approval.


Step 3: Detailed Design

Our designers construct an information architecture for easy navigation. Our MVP development services may include wireframing for complex applications. Regular meetings let you monitor the design process and give feedback. We create a design library before developers apply authorised mockups.

Step 4: MVP Development

MVP development turns plans and visual designs into functioning code. Relia developers choose the best tech stack and work with QA engineers to ensure software performance, stability, and testability. Our team applies Agile principles for faster development and enhanced quality.

Step 5: Launch

A produced MVP undergoes many manual and automated tests to ensure performance, compliance with requirements, standards, industry rules, browser and device compatibility, etc. After submitting the MVP to the platform, our development and QA team monitors its rollout. Once the product is used, you can gather and analyze data.


Step 6: Support

Our MVP development services continue after launch. We keep in touch with you and can provide fixes or updates as necessary. Our MVPs are designed as a platform for further development, so you can adjust swiftly to market developments. We are also ready to help upgrade your MVP into a full-fledged product.

Why Choose Relia Software for Your MVP Development?

Talented and Experienced MVP Teams
Talented and Experienced MVP Teams

An MVP development partner having structured product engineering techniques with 10+ years of experience is unmatched. Relia is committed to providing clients with the best expertise available.

Agile Software Development Process
Agile Software Development Process

We use Agile and Lean processes to accommodate the complexity and flexibility of multiple delivery life cycles. Our delivery model lets us produce excellent products quickly and with less resources in both a changing startup or corporate setting.

User-centric MVP Development
User-centric MVP Development

We use design thinking to link every feature and function in your MVP to user needs. We achieve so by obtaining, tracking, and acting on early user feedback on your business idea – minimum features, maximum end user value.

Security and Proven Dependability
Security and Proven Dependability

We make sure your product is secure and reliable to provide the best user experience. Continuous quality assurance lets our developers improve product performance at every stage and ensure legal compliance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is MVP a prototype?

An MVP (Minimum Viable Product) can be like a more developed prototype. They both are early-stage versions, but:

  • MVP: Focuses on market validation and user feedback. It's a functional product with core features.
  • Prototype: More for internal testing and design exploration. It might not be fully functional and is primarily for user interaction testing.
How long does it take to develop an MVP?

In general, developing an MVP can take anywhere from 3 to 6 months. This is a rough estimate and can vary depending on the complexity of your app.

How much does it cost to make an MVP?

The cost of building an MVP can vary significantly, but a typical range falls between $5,000 and $50,000. It depends on factors like complexity, development team location, and features included.


How to choose the best MVP development service provider?

Focus on 3 key aspects:

  1. Experience: Look for a company with experience building MVPs in your industry or with similar projects.
  2. Communication: Ensure clear and frequent communication to avoid misunderstandings during development.
  3. Cost-effectiveness: Get quotes and compare pricing models to find a provider that fits your budget.
Is MVP development really crucial?

MVP development isn't crucial for every project, but it's highly recommended for innovative or complex ideas. It helps you:

  • Validate market demand (is there a need?)
  • Identify potential issues early
  • Gather valuable user feedback
  • Reduce development risk

Think of it like a test flight before building the whole airplane. It saves time and money in the long run.


Let us help make your development project a success.