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The lean startup methods have drastically transformed the way we deal with building new products. This approach goes in-hand with agile while you want to deliver more useful, feasible and valuable products. With MVP and POC, you can develop a reliable product idea and realise it visually. These two strategies would take your ideation phase to the next level.

At Relia Software, we as an MVP Development company, are here to handle all your MVP and POC requirements in a professional manner. With our wide experience and expert team of MVP developers, you can build products that would take you to the next level in the market. The main objective behind building any product is to serve the client requirements. At Relia Software, our team has gone on to develop the best products with different technology stacks. Moreover, we are involved in every stage of product development, right from ideation to maintenance. Hence you can rely upon us at each and every phase with our MVP developers.

Why build Proof of Concept (POC)?

Proof of Concept is an exercise done at a smaller scale to test the overall design assumption or idea. We develop POC to test the right functionality. This is done to verify if a certain theory is true or not.

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  • Difference between Prototyping and POC

    Prototyping would allow every innovator to get a visual idea of their product function. It allows you to understand how the product works. It is nothing but an interactive model providing the end product with the design, layout and navigation idea. On the other side, POC would show that the product idea can be possible to put into action in real-time. The prototyping would show how we can put it into action.

  • Get to know lean curve and proof of concept

    Before we move on to proof of concept, it is important to analyse the steps involved before it. With a strong idea, you can test it meticulously with proof of concept. This involves testing the market demands through proof of concept where we can go about providing aesthetic, code-free and interactive prototypes.

    Through proof of concept, you can go about testing the riskiest ideas in the market. This would provide you with all the data you need to understand the market clearly.

  • Top benefits of involving agile methodology

    Agile methodology is the new trend in the market. When you are going to involve agile methodology, you can always remain flexible and as per the business trends. There are lots of benefits involved with Agile product development, which lays the foundation of both MVP and POC.

  • Release the product in the market like a storm

    Test ideas and make assumptions with your users in mind before you commit to any large budget project. This would adhere well to the full development cycle of the project. When you define the product vision to your customers, then getting their feedback would not be a tough nut to crack. All this would lead you to what you

  • Cost-effectiveness at full swing

    With MVP, you can involve cost-effective strategies. You can launch and promote much low-level product which would define the market. This would assist the adoption and product testing.

  • Simplify the end goal

    Break down the entire product development cycle. This would go well when you want to simplify your entire end goal into various achievable milestones.

  • Ensure simplified market penetration

    This is the best way to start for any startup. The functional model would let you attract the right investors.

ICO & IEO Services

A minimum viable product (MVP) is nothing but a concept which evolved from the Lean Startup movement by Eric Ries. It gives importance to the impact where you learn every phase involved in new product development. This is the version where you can check if you have provided a sufficient amount of features to your customers. Through this way, you can get the required feedback to upscale your future product development aspects.

These are some of the benefits involved in MVP:

Validate accurately with small droplets of efforts

The main objective of MVP is transforming your core idea into reality. At Relia Software, we have gone on to build 100+ MVPs. With the upper hand of our services, many startups have scaled up to great heights. We are also known for the never-ending support and turnarounds we provide.

With a minimum viable product, you can determine the potential of any product. This development technique would be dependent on validated learning. MVP is known to be the first-ever version of any product. With less functioning, MVP provides a huge potential for growth.

These are the steps involved by our MVP developers:

Validate the product idea

We validate your product idea and ensure that it is as per industry standards. Since the idea forms the basis of any product, we ensure that this step is covered wisely. Product idea validation is the core aspect that would lead you to determine the right measures in the market.

Receive the most important user insights

We get to know what is in the minds of your users. We put that into action. When you receive all your user insights, you would be able to make the best ever decision without faltering at any point.

Start iterating the product

Product iteration becomes simpler when you involve us. We involve the best strategies to get the iteration rolling based on user insights.

Work on improving the product

Product improvisation happens primarily by involving the right teamwork, planning and strategizing. With this final stage, we can get everything happening.

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How do we develop your MVP?

Our focus lies on building your product in an incremental and iterative manner. For us, customer feedback is valuable in comparison to intuition. Design iteration also comes into the picture.

Focus on problem-solving

Focus on problem-solving

We depend on solving the problems of users by delivering viable products. This can be achieved by forming the solution’s hypothesis, researching, analyzing the user’s interactions and identifying the perfect solution. Before everything, it is important to empathise yourself in the place of your audience.

Follow a definite process

Follow a definite process

We allow you to move forward with a goal towards launching a successful MVP in our market. For every solution, we aim towards learning, iterating, building and measuring every approach.

Refining the business ideas

Refining the business ideas

By spending considerable time on scoping sessions, we perfect your business ideas by involving each and every aspect of product planning. This would support us while we create a tactical roadmap.
When we finish the review process, we let you know if there are any technical documents and solutions to aid your work scope. With a statement of work, we explain the project scope along with the ballpark estimation of project timeline and budget. With the scoping session, every process gets finetuned for both team and clients. All this would help us design a better product.

Targeting the vital features

Targeting the vital features

We aim towards retaining the majority of the users for every client. It would be hard for us to get that done when they lose themselves in scattered features. Hence hitting the right balance between value and design plays a prior role. Our aim is to provide maximum value with minimum design.

Prioritizing the vital features

Prioritizing the vital features

Our focus lies in including every feature involved in core functionalities. Our holistic approach involves characterising every product’s value proposition. This includes looking deeply into the requirements of your product’s USP and adhering according to it.

Build a reliable prototype

Build a reliable prototype

While you go on to design more sprint options with quick ideation, prototypes and finally validating the product idea, this would mark the fundamental step involved in developing your MVP.
We depend on turning abstract ideas into concrete ideas through reliable prototypes. This can go on with more interviews, brainstorming sessions as well as creative exercises. We go on to sketch clear ideas. We end the sprint process with a realistic prototype to serve every user directly.

Design the best experience

Design the best experience

All our design strategists and team members are reliable to provide the best user experience. The look and feel of the app matter the most to us. The interactions happen in an effortless way. This can go on to solve real-time user problems where you integrate usability, branding and product functionality.

Develop the MVP

Develop the MVP

Once we finish testing different prototypes with real users, we take a peek into how they are engaging with your product in real-time. This would allow us to get the most valuable insights. Then we move towards building a reliable MVP.
Looking for the best MVP development company and POC service provider? Depend upon Relia Software without any further doubts. We are here to stand by you throughout the product journey!

Frequently Asked Questions

What does MVP mean in Agile?

MVP is nothing but a concept from Lean Startup that stresses on the importance of learning in every phase throughout the new product development. It aims at understanding the mindset of every customer with fewer efforts.

What is the purpose of a POC?

This small exercise would involve testing the design assumption or idea. The major purpose behind the development of POC is to understand the functionality as well as verify a particular theory or concept which we can achieve in development.

Is MVP a prototype?

MVP is almost similar to prototype but prototype plays the role of the foundation for MVP. Prototype describes how the product would be held in the market.

Why do you need MVP and POC?

The main purpose behind MVP and POC is to develop a reliable product. These methods are used to test the ideas before materializing it.

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