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Leading Education App Companies Choose to work with Relia

Relia Software possesses a complete understanding of designs, features, functionalities, and user experience that goes into successful education web app development. As an advocate of technology adoption and integration, Relia Software ensures to develop education applications reinforced with advanced technologies.

Here are some of the necessary features every Education application should have:
  • Simple Registration
  • User Profiles
  • nstant Access to Learning Materials
  • AI-powered Analytics
  • AR/VR Tutoring
  • Bookmarks
  • Push Notification
  • Advanced Search
  • Cloud Integration
  • Course Tracking
  • New Technology Integration Capabilities
  • Gamification
  • Multiple Payment Gateway
  • Digital Wallet
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Our robots’ Deliver More Than Your Customers’ UI/UX Expectations with Quality Education App Development Solutions

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Deliver More Than Your Customers’ UI/UX Expectations with
Quality Education App Development Solutions

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Simple Yet Unique

Apps for education institutions we build are marked by simple designs and relevant controls. And yet, we develop education apps with a unique and rememberable feel making subtle changes in the development.

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Easy Course Accessibility

Your customers access your education platform to unlock faster learning, and so course accessibility plays an important role. With seamless navigation and evident controls, we guide your customers to reach their courses and goals quickly.

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Appealing UX

As a mobile and web education app development company known for remarkable build quality, our apps engage your customers and deliver a pleasing experience to keep them coming back to use your services.

The worldwide e-learning market is projected to reach the worth of $325 billion by 2025

Source: Celent 2018

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One-stop Solution for All Types of Education App Development

There are various types of education apps targeting various groups of people identified by age, demographics and the industry.

Children’s education apps represent the curriculum and learning materials comically to keep them engaged, gamified education apps add fun to education, classroom apps aid both teachers and students, videos and live lecture apps increase the pace and quality of education, reference and assessment education apps helps in exam preparations, and finally, niche-based apps to help people belonging to a niche.

With the help of our experienced education app developers, we produce the best applications to assist in your business endeavors.

Why Relia Software is Trusted for Education App Development Services ?

Relia Software follows a well-defined, structural approach towards development. We analyze the market trends and arrive at the necessities before diving into development. We also ensure to follow the code standards throughout the development to make it easy for future upgrades.
  • Robust Features and Functionalities Relia software-built education applications are reinforced with fast and responsive features that get your customers’ jobs done in a jiffy.
  • Built with Upgraded Security Walls to Become Impregnable Our education app developers build your application with the latest and powerful security methods to prevent viruses and malware from preying on the system.
  • Error-free Coding Enables Pleasurable User Experience The last thing you want is an erred feature to make the customers feel repulsed whenever they want to use your services.
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Grow and Dominate the Industry with the Right
Education App Development Partner

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Top-notch Education Web App Development

Web searches are still one of the major ways people use to learn something..

  • Attract Investors with Impressive MVP Development We understand how imperative it is for a business to secure funding before striving to flourish and conquer. We deliver Minimum Viable Products as soon as possible to assist businesses financially.
  • We Provide 24x7 Support and Maintenance We are your technical hand of business and travel with you through thick and thin. We have got you covered for upgrades, support, maintenance, new product development, consulting, and every service.
  • Optimized for Search Engine optimization Every business should be findable when searched for on the internet. However, e-learning platforms take precedence above everything as it is the only way of finding the service.
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Fast and Responsive Education Mobile App Development

Where would you prefer to be when your customers what you: on the computer or in the hand?

  • Quality Android Education App Development A sizable portion of the world population, more than 80%, use Android smartphones, and the only way to reach them is to build an android application.
  • Standard IOS Education App Development IOS device users are loyal to the brand and you don’t want to miss the opportunity of converting such an audience into your customers with the best education app development partner.
  • Compatible Cross-platform Education App Development One app for all the platforms doesn’t sound too bad either. The only drawback was that it is hard to add unique features. With Relia Software, we overcome drawbacks with quality development.
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Benchmark Custom Education App Development ​

Pour your dreams into our hands and we will give it back in the form applications.

  • From Your Imaginations to Practical Applications Our custom app development engineers are equipped with the prowess to convert even your wildest of dreams into practical applications.
  • Highly Scalable Solution for the Future We build apps with a keen eye on the future so that when the market changes and you can add new elements to your app to engage your audience.
  • Integrated with Advanced Technologies As a company of tech-savvy developers, we don’t just research to upgrade our skills, we put that into practice and take app development to the next level.
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Our team of experts leverage their profound Education Development expertise to create custom online stores, integrations and applications.

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