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Reward app development company

Companies Who Want Seek the Best Loyalty Reward Apps Choose Relia Software

Relia Software understands what customers want, how the rewards should be planned for maximum benefit, and how the app should promote reward points to gratify the customers. We merge our expertise with the latest loyalty app programs to develop the best solutions.

Our Loyalty App Developers Build Applications Integrating Quality-built Features
  • Social Login
  • Secure Barcode Generation and Scanning
  • Push Notifications
  • Gamification
  • Social Badge System Reward System
  • Transaction Listing and History
  • Loyalty Points Tracker
  • Bookmarking
  • Multi-language Support
  • Lock Screen Feature
  • Interest Targeting
  • AI-powered Analytics
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Our robots’ AI skills help you keep ahead of the compliance and regulation game

Curious about Fintech and AI in banking? Here’s how intelligent automation banking solutions work. Watch a quick demo showing how Relia robots automate Know Your Customer (KYC) using Machine Learning and Natural Language

Data-Driven Loyalty Reward App Development
to Set New Benchmarks

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Intuitive Designs

We focus our efforts on building interfaces that appeals to the customers. Because, even if you spend a fortune on marketing campaigns, people won’t come back to your application if it is not built with customer-friendly designs and interfaces.

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Gamification as the Core

Loyalty and reward app development, although not compulsory, are better if rewards and reward tracking are gamified. That way, people can easily relate to the app and would love to engage, making the business profitable.

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Flawless Development

As a loyalty and reward app development services provider, we understand how crucial it is for a business to have a reliable application. And so we follow a defined development structure to ensure the impeccability of the app.

69% of customers allow the presence of rewards or loyalty programs to influence their shopping decisions

Source: Celent 2018

Loyalty and reward app development

Integrate Loyalty Modules and Referral Programs into Your App with SDKs and APIs

It costs three times more to get a new customer than it takes to retain a new customer. A survey also reported that 63% of the customers do not commit to companies that are not offering loyalty benefits.

Relia Software, as a loyalty and reward app development company, understands that you can’t always build a separate app to engage your customers. We offer comprehensive loyalty features and modules integration programs to improve your customer rate with only your pre-owned application.

Why Startups and Brands have Relia Software as the First Choice for Loyalty and Rewards App Development

We, in Relia Software, merge the best design, standard development, and rigorous testing to build the fine blend that results in refined loyalty reward applications. We also add technologies like Blockchain, AI, AR, and VR to the blend to equip the apps with a competitive edge.

  • Mastery Over Engaging Loyalty and Reward App Development
  • Developing Apps Integrating a Plethora of Features
  • Structured Testing to Rid the Bugs Off the App
Loyal app developers in vietnam

Maximize Your Customer Retention Rate With the Right
Loyalty and Rewards App Development Partner

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Increase Your Web Presence with Loyalty Web App Development

With increasing web searches and usage, loyalty web app development is crucial to increase customer retention.

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Attract Customers with an MVP

Relia Software builds the Miniviable Viable Product as fast as possible to showcase and impress the investors and customers.

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Highly Scalable Solution​

We have greatly increased the retention rates, but that led us to another problem and solution: scalable apps to manage the sudden surges in usage.

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Our team of experts leverage their profound Loyalty & Rewards Development expertise to create custom online stores, integrations and applications.

We're always here to help you on your Relia journey, in any way we can.