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With Tens of thousands of hours into development, Google launched its free and open source framework that can craft high-quality native interfaces in a record time of 120 FPS. Designed to create a reliable mobile UI, Flutter is the prime choice of modern-day developers.

Using the C++ rendering engine, Google’s Flutter can streamline the development process like never before. Its architecture is based on reactive programming and Dart programming language which promises cross-platform app development for organizations looking for fast and customizable flutter development.

Relia software is a flutter app development company with a decade of experience in the mobile app development industry. We provide robust and reactive Flutter App Development services to our clients with quick ship customizable widget sets and tools for the next-generation iOS and Android apps. Make Flutter your choice of development!

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At Relia, we build expressive and rich widget sets using the Flutter application development as per your requirements and deliver world-class iOS and Android platforms.

Hire from our full spectrum of flutter app developers who guarantee much easier, convenient and exceptional to run application effortlessly on both the operating systems.

Our expertise lies in bringing an interactive single codebase mobile apps using the best of technology, Flutter.

Why Flutter For Mobile App Development?


Being open source, the software comes free of cost. Additionally, the single code base methodology eliminates too much supervision over the execution and working of the code.

Ingenuous Maintenance

Flutter architecture is super easy to maintain and develop. The mobile app development process with Flutter offers ingrain of any programming language and deployment of the application on both iOS and Android platforms.

Rich in widget sets

With flutter development, developers can enable customization of widgets. The rich widget library in the SDK facilitates quick and easy assimilation all along.


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Phenomenal UI

An eye-catching and appealing UI is a top priority for every mobile app development. Flutter assists this focus area with intuitive designs and interfaces for your native mobile applications. Our Flutter app development services are a hallmark of highly responsive and fluid applications.

Hot Reload

This feature allows for instant reflection of the changes done by the developers. As the code gets demonstrated immediately the application on Flutter improves the performance run and reduces the complexity.

Accessible SDKs and Native Features

With Flutter, developers would have to build native apps that come with native SDKs including Stripe, Twilio, and streaming services such as WoWza and UStream. These libraries make the development process simpler and better via platform APIs and native codes.

Relia Software’s Mobile App Development Services with Flutter

Native Mobile app development with Flutter

The process of native app development delivers pure native performance with high-quality native interfaces within a 120 FPS record time on cross platforms. Our native app developers offer the best solutions for iOS, Android or Windows development. The natural designs build next-generation native mobile applications. Craft best quality native experiences with us!

Cross-Platform Mobile App Development with Flutter

The design and functionality of Flutter are phenomenal. The libraries in the SDK, frameworks, and renderer can be utilized for running on both the platforms using a single user interface. It offers widget libraries combined with Material Design (Google) and Cupertino (Apple).

Flutter Mobile App to Web Migration

The flutter application development comes with another feature of web migration without compromising the productivity and quality of the application. It helps you migrate to secure and confidential web applications successfully.

Hire Dedicated Flutter app developers

Our expert team of developers and consultants at Relia will guide you about the best of trends in Flutter development and accomplish your business objectives. Being easy and flexible in approach, it allows you to hire flutter developers without any hassle.

Offshore Flutter development center

We provision offshore groups that can handle your development needs with better understanding and bring together a complete set of Flutter App Development services to your doorstep.

Why Choose Relia Software as Your Custom
Flutter App Development Company?

Try our Mobile-friendly Flutter apps
Try our Mobile-friendly Flutter apps

With the open-source mobile app development framework we provide result-oriented mobile app development services for your business & enterprise.

We provide On-Demand Flutter app development
We provide On-Demand Flutter app development

We value our modern tech-savvy clients and serve them with excellent development skills at our end. Thus, Relia is an on-demand app development company and provides expert developers for android and iOS platforms solution

We Build Faster Flutter Apps
We Build Faster Flutter Apps

The cutting edge technology of Flutter enables our developers to build mobile apps with beautiful UIs and familiar experience for users and clients, alike. Making them convenient and accessible to produce, Relia has years of experience to reckon on.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do your on-demand app offer technical support?

Yes, Relia offers on-demand technical support to the clients and ensures competent deliverables. The support team provides the initial setup, constant communication throughout the launch, and post-launch of your on-demand application.

Do you give a demo for potential customers?

Yes, you can submit your queries regarding any development services in the web form on our website and our team will get back to you at the earliest with a demo based on your business requirements.

How do you assign developers for the development?

Only after careful requirement gathering and project considerations, we assign a skilled and professional engineer to work dedicatedly on your project. We allocate developers with diverse skill-set and desired profiles for individual clients. Or you can hire a flutter developer of your choice after conducting introductory sessions with our team.

What product management methodology do you use?

We take a flexible approach to our project management. Adopting the Agile and Scrum methodology, we hold a daily standup and meetings that streamline the work throughout the day and helps keep the members in sync with the shared goal in view. With full transparency and control over the team, the project crosses each milestone with ease and maximum productivity.


Let us help make your development project a success.