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Relia Software is A Leading Flutter App Development Company

Relia Software is a Flutter app development company with a decade of experience in the mobile app development industry. We provide robust and reactive Flutter App Development services to our clients with quick ship customizable widget sets and tools for the next-generation iOS and Android apps. Make Flutter your choice of development!

Hire Relia Software to Build Mobile Apps with Flutter

Our team of expert Flutter developers leverages the power of this innovative technology to deliver:

  • Expressive and Rich User Interfaces: Craft beautiful and engaging experiences for your users with Flutter's rich widget library.
  • Seamless Cross-Platform Development: Write code once and deploy flawlessly on both iOS and Android platforms.
  • Effortless Maintenance: Easily manage and update your app across both platforms with a single codebase.

Are you ready to build an exceptional mobile app that runs smoothly on any device?

Why Flutter For Mobile App Development?


Open-source & single codebase reduces development time and resources.

Fast Development

Hot reload shows code changes instantly, accelerating development.

Easy Maintenance

Update both iOS & Android apps with just one codebase.

Beautiful UI

Rich widget library lets you build stunning, custom interfaces.


Reach both iOS & Android users with a single app.

Native Features

Integrate popular services like Stripe & Twilio seamlessly.

Mobile App Development Services with Flutter at Relia Software

Flutter Cross-Platform Apps

Cross-Platform App development

  • Deploy your app on both iOS and Android platforms.
  • Leverage Flutter's rich libraries, frameworks, and renderer for seamless cross-platform development.
  • Choose Material Design (Google)/Cupertino (Apple) widget styles for a native feel.

Flutter Native Mobile Apps

Native App Development

  • High-performance apps for iOS and Android with a single codebase.
  • A native look and feel with Flutter's intuitive widgets and UI components.
  • Smooth and responsive app experiences with support for 120 FPS frame rates.

Flutter Mobile App to Web Migration


  • Migrate your Flutter app to a secure and confidential web application.
  • Maintain the quality and functionality of your app during the migration process.
  • Unlock new possibilities by making your Flutter app accessible from any web browser.

Dedicated Flutter Developer Team

dedicated team

  • Hire highly skilled and experienced Flutter developers.
  • Our team has deep understanding of best practices and emerging trends in Flutter development.
  • Achieve your business goals efficiently with a dedicated development team working closely with you.

Offshore Flutter Development Center

MVP Development Consulting

  • Access a cost-effective and flexible solution for your Flutter development needs.
  • Our ODC offers a complete suite of Flutter services, tailored to your requirements.
  • Gain a team of skilled developers who understand your project needs and deliver exceptional results.

Why Choose Relia Software for Your Flutter Development Project?

Commitment to Quality
Commitment to Quality

We prioritize rigorous code reviews, multi-device testing, and ongoing maintenance to ensure your app remains bug-free, optimized, and future-proof.

Cost-Effective Solutions
Cost-Effective Solutions

Our competitive pricing structure ensures you get exceptional value without breaking the bank. Flutter's single codebase approach further reduces development costs compared to building native apps for each platform.

Flexible Engagement Models
Flexible Engagement Models

We tailor our services to fit your specific needs. Choose from fixed-price projects for a clear budget, or opt for hourly rates for more granular control.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do your on-demand app offer technical support?

Yes, Relia offers on-demand technical support to the clients and ensures competent deliverables. The support team provides the initial setup, constant communication throughout the launch, and post-launch of your on-demand application.

Do you give a demo for potential customers?

Yes, you can submit your queries regarding any development services in the web form on our website and our team will get back to you at the earliest with a demo based on your business requirements.

How do you assign developers for the development?

Only after careful requirement gathering and project considerations, we assign a skilled and professional engineer to work dedicatedly on your project. We allocate developers with diverse skill-set and desired profiles for individual clients. Or you can hire a Flutter developer of your choice after conducting introductory sessions with our team.

What product management methodology do you use?

We take a flexible approach to our project management. Adopting the Agile and Scrum methodology, we hold a daily standup and meetings that streamline the work throughout the day and helps keep the members in sync with the shared goal in view. With full transparency and control over the team, the project crosses each milestone with ease and maximum productivity.


Let us help make your development project a success.