Is Flutter Good For Web Development? Benefits & Drawbacks

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Yes, Flutter is good for web development requiring elegant UI or well-interactive elements. However, it’s not great for SEO optimization or broad browser support.

is flutter good for web development

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Flutter has been known for its mobile app development adaptability and also has expanded to web development recently.  However, there are still debates about whether Flutter is good for web development or not. This article will discuss Flutter's web development framework potential, its merits, weaknesses, and how to decide if it's right for your next project.

Benefits of Using Flutter for Web Development

Flutter development has a distinct set of strengths. Here's a look at some priority benefits of utilizing Flutter for web development projects:

Cross-Platform Development with Single Codebase 

Cross-platform app development support is a major benefit of Flutter web development. You can develop one codebase and deliver it to the web, mobile (iOS and Android), and desktop (Windows, macOS, Linux) platforms with Flutter. This saves significant development time and resources. Imagine designing a beautiful, practical user interface once and having it work across devices. Flutter lets you reach more people without maintaining platform-specific codebases.

Elegant User Interfaces with Custom Widgets

Flutter lets developers design beautiful web app UIs using custom widgets.  Its broad range of pre-built and custom widgets (including buttons, text fields, and layouts) provides developers full control over their app's appearance and feel. Your web app can stand out with distinctive and inventive UIs because of this versatility.

Rapid Development with Hot Reload

Flutter accelerates web development, another perk. Hot reload in Flutter lets you see code changes in the live application immediately. Without lengthy compilation and redeployment processes, development is much faster. Imagine changing a UI element and seeing it live in seconds. Hot reload allows you to test and iterate quickly, launching your web app faster.

Well Interactive and Animated Elements

Web developers using Flutter benefit from its seamless performance. Flutter's layered architecture renders UI elements on the device, improving responsiveness and performance. This helps web apps to have lots of interactive components and animations for users. In other words, Flutter lets you build interactive web experiences that keep users on your web.

benefits of flutter for web development
Benefits of Using Flutter for Web Development (Source: Internet)

Drawbacks of Flutter in Web Development

Flutter has numerous benefits for web development, but there are also drawbacks to consider.

Limitations in SEO

SEO is essential for web applications to appear in search results. SEO may suffer from Flutter web development due to non-standard rendering. Flutter renders web pages differently than other frameworks. Search engines may find it harder to crawl and index your information. If your project prioritizes SEO, you'll need to be aware of these constraints and use additional tactics to optimize your Flutter web app for search engines.

Older Browser Compatibility Failure

Flutter works with modern web browsers, which means outdated browsers that don't support web standards may cause difficulties. This may prevent people from using obsolete browsers from your web app. Flutter's suitability depends on your project's audience and browser compatibility.

Less Mature Ecosystem 

Compared to React and Angular, Flutter is a young framework. This implies a developing Flutter web development ecosystem. Therefore, libraries and resources may be scarcer than in other systems. Consider it if you require a lot of tools and plugins for your project.

Long Time To Adapt To Newbie

Flutter developers use Dart, a special programming language. Therefore, Flutter for web projects requires a learning curve for development teams unfamiliar with Dart. Dart is easy to learn, but it's another consideration to consider when considering Flutter for web development.

Is Flutter Good For Web Development?

The ability and stability of Flutter in web development have still been questioned recently. Is Fullter stable and good for web development?

Despite being younger than other frameworks, Flutter web development has been stable enough for production use since 2021. Flutter can produce stable web apps totally, but the developing ecosystem may demand more forethought than more experienced web development alternatives. 

First, your project's needs and priorities must be determined to decide whether to adopt Flutter for your web development or not. 

Let’s choose Flutter for your web development when: 

  • Cross-platform programming is vital.

  • A visually appealing and interactive user interface is a key priority.

  • Rapid development with hot reload functionality is appreciated.

  • Browsers for which SEO is not a crucial concern.

On the other hand, consider not choosing Flutter for your web development when:

  • Your online application requires high SEO rankings.

  • Compatibility with a variety of browsers, including older versions, is required.

  • Your development team lacks Dart experience, and you require access to an established ecosystem of libraries and plugins.

flutter is good for web development
Is Fullter stable and good for web development?

Types of Web Development That Flutter Works Best

As analyzed above, here are some types of web development that Flutter can apply effectively.

Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)

Flutter is ideal for Progressive Web Apps since it can blend web and mobile app development. PWAs give web browser users an app-like experience with offline access and push notifications. You can develop a single codebase that works on desktops and mobile devices with Flutter, saving time and resources. This quickness and Flutter's ability to develop engaging UIs make it excellent for designing PWAs that give a seamless and captivating user experience across platforms.

Progressive Web Apps PWAs (Source: Internet)

UI/UX Design-focused Web Apps

Flutter is powerful for web apps that prioritize UX/UI design. Its comprehensive widget set and custom widget creation allow developers to create gorgeous and dynamic user interfaces. Animations and visual effects can be effortlessly incorporated to create an engaging user experience that sets your web app apart. Flutter helps developers realize their design vision, whether it's an engaging e-commerce site, a design portfolio, or a user-friendly interactive dashboard.

Single-page Web Apps

Flutter can be used for SPAs despite not being built for them. SPAs load one HTML page and dynamically update content without reloading, improving user experience. When constructing SPAs, Flutter's hot reload helps accelerate development. This speeds up UI element and function testing and iteration, streamlining development. Flutter can be a good choice if the focus is on user experience and hot reload for faster development cycles.

Single-page Web Apps (Source: Internet)

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Flutter is a sophisticated framework that may excel in web development, especially for code reusability, performance, and cross-platform consistency. However, its drawbacks, especially in file size and SEO, should be evaluated against its benefits. You may decide if Flutter is right for your web development project by assessing its requirements and limits as well as your project priorities.

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