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Choose your suitable Flutter app development company among CreateThrive, Driods On Roids, Hedgehog Lab, Agile Tech, MindInventory FPT or Relia Software, etc.

Flutter App Development Companies

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The popularity of Flutter is due to its many benefits, including fast development. So, which Flutter app development company suits you best? It's important to remember that the right choice is not just who ranks top. 

It is more about finding a company that shares your business goals, understands your audience, and can meet your needs. We have listed the top Flutter app development companies to help you find the right cooperator for your business.

reasons to choose flutter app development companies
Why Should You Choose A Flutter App Development Company? (Source: Internet)

Reasons for Choosing A Flutter App Development Company

Working with a Flutter app development company has several benefits:

  • To start, Flutter lets you build cross-platform apps with a single codebase.

  • Second, it speeds up development, bringing your software to market faster.

  • Flutter also offers a variety of customizable UI widgets for visually appealing and consistent user experiences.

  • Finally, they let you create robust, scalable, and high-performance mobile apps.

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Top 9 Flutter App Development Companies for Businesses


CreateThrive, founded in 2018, leads the global mobile app development sector. They diligently implement customer ideas with a lean team of client-centric IT specialists, engineers, and experienced professionals.

They complete assignments for global corporations using Flutter, ReactJS, and NodeJS. GlobalComix, Swingshot, and Aleph are among their notable clientele. They work in gaming, finance, education, and journalism.


  • Making Web and Mobile Application: CreateThrive completed an intensive accessibility course with a mentor to understand and develop an easy-to-use app. Their solutions are large-scale and based on data. They can run on many platforms, on phones, and on tablets. 

  • Creating New Products: Check client's ideas, design them, and make them into real, reliable goods. Following standard practices, conducted UX research to understand people and create a UI they would appreciate.

  • NetSuite SuiteCommerce Plus: We are experts in NetSuite SuiteCommerce Advanced and work with all kinds of businesses, from design and development to customer service. 

  • Qualification Staff: From teams that are fully controlled to single engineers. We can work well in any setting that uses Agile methods.

Droids On Roids

Polish Flutter app development company - Droids On Roids develops native and multi-platform programs for startups and corporations. Their well-organized methodology and devoted team of specialists help clients achieve their goals easily. Most clients consider them colleagues for their project management and communication skills.

Droids On Roids is a renowned software development company with several accolades. They created a mobile commerce app for the largest footwear retailer in Central & Eastern Europe, a Nordic road maintenance software, and a breakthrough Libyan GPS navigation app.


  • Background: Strong background in creating Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and Internet of Things apps. Member of Google Developers Agency Program.

  • Full mobile, web, and backend services: iOS and Android development (native & Flutter), and Web development (front-end & back-end).

  • Other Services: Workshops (where we crystallize the vision of your app), Design, Project Maintenance, and Quality Assurance.

  • Core Programming Languages: Java, Kotlin, Swift, Ruby, Daart, Objective-C, C (NDK), Java Script.

  • Tests: Espresso in Android Studio, XCTest in Xcode.


Surf is a renowned Flutter app development firm that consistently delivers high-quality solutions. After 12 years in the market, they have produced flagship B2B and B2C mobile and online apps.

KFC, Mars, Burger King, SAP, and others use Surf's business apps. Surf's Flutter app development services are distinguished by its Google collaboration and in-house R&D lab.

They have launched many Flutter apps internationally, demonstrating their skills. Surf also offers a single codebase for any screen, saving clients up to 40% in time and money. They help clients validate their concepts and create a great digital product with their professional team.


  • Repetitive Automated Tasks: For example, ERP helps workers focus on more important tasks and clients by automating internal processes like order collection and inventory management.

  • Better Workflow and Fewer Mistakes: Digital document flow, mobile receipt printing, and other solutions cut down on the number of resources needed to run daily business and solve problems.

  • Accurate Real-time Reports: Automatic data collection at many levels, from a whole section to each and every employee, gives you the analytics you need to make quick, correct decisions.

  • HR Productivity: It goes up because tools help cut costs on things like hiring, training, management, and evaluations of results.

Cheesecake Labs

Cheesecake Labs has won many honors for its excellent services. With over 9 years of expertise, they have helped startups, small businesses, ISVs, and corporations satisfy their needs.

The company's Flutter developers are experts at understanding your business's demands and creating unique apps. Cheesecake Labs' optimized software solutions satisfy Mutual of Omaha, AB InBev, and Mercado Libre.


  • Specialization: Specialize in Mobile App Development; Web Development; Product Design (UX/UI); Blockchain; Product Management; and QA Testing.

  • Right Solutions: Understand the process and let a group of experts from different fields work with you to come up with great, solid solutions.

  • Teamwork: The 100+ people on the team work together as a unit. They are product managers, project managers, product owners, UX/UI designers, web and backend engineers, and quality assurance testers. We work in time zones all over the United States and Western Europe.

  • Commitment: Our teams have a wide range of skills that cover the whole product development process, and they are fully dedicated to your success. Our whole team is dedicated to your success.

Cheesecake Labs
Cheesecake Labs has won many honors for its excellent services (Source: Internet)

Hedgehog Lab

Top-notch Flutter company Hedgehog Lab specializes in mobile app development. They specialize in machine learning and NLP development and make apps for Internet and mobile platforms. They provide global clientele with high-quality software engineering services using cloud and AI development tools.

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Their 200+ Flutter app developers can work with start-ups, SMBs, and large corporations. Hedgehog Lab provides AI consultancy, UX/UI design, app and web development.


  • Experience: With over a decade’s experience in technology, design, and product development, we’re experts at delivering digital solutions that deliver real, demonstrable business impact for our partners.

  • Services: Whether it’s iOS, Android, web, immersive, or voice, our exceptional design and engineering credentials have helped some of the world’s biggest organizations to challenge their status quo and provide digital experiences that have transformed their businesses.

  • Outstanding Teams: Our passionate and award-winning team spread across offices in London, Boston, and Newcastle Upon Tyne has delivered industry-leading results for household names all over the globe including Santander, Microsoft, Kodak Alaris, AkzoNobel, Deliciously Ella, and Mitsubishi amongst many, many more.


Since 2011, MindInventory has dominated Flutter app development. For over ten years, they have perfected producing high-quality mobile apps for their clients.

Their team of experienced Flutter app developers can help create innovative, feature-rich apps for businesses of all sizes.


  • Specialization: They specialize in building hybrid apps that work across platforms and devices. Designing web and mobile apps for businesses with the right strategy to reach target consumers.

  • Projects: They have completed many projects with global clients, creating user-friendly, feature-rich, bug-free apps. 

  • Teamwork: 250+ employees and 100+ years of combined experience. 

  • Qualified Products: We provide unique strategic solutions and a roadmap to turn early-stage startups and small enterprises' ideas into excellent solutions. They offer customized solutions to meet client needs.

Agile Tech

AgileTech, a recognized outsourcing and offshoring company, provides high-quality website and mobile app development, blockchain solutions, and AI-big data services. They have built many products and worked with major companies in over 10 countries as technical collaborators since 2015. AgileTech is ready to help clients innovate with its talented team and well-defined operational approach.


  • Services: Agile Tech offers website and mobile app development, blockchain solutions, and AI/big data services.

  • Global Footprint: Since 2015, the company has created a robust product portfolio and become a technical partner for top enterprises in over 10 countries.

  • App Development Excellence: Agile Tech excels at creating modern, user-friendly apps. App developers use Flutter to create creative and efficient solutions.

  • Innovation-driven: The organization works with clients to transform unique ideas into technology solutions.

FPT Software

FPT Software is a Vietnamese-based technology and IT services company owned by FPT Corporation, a leading Asian ICT Group. FPT Software has driven digital transformation for multinational enterprises across several industries with our vast global market engagement. 


  • Diverse Skill Set: FPT Software has expertise in software development, AI, cloud computing, IoT, and more.

  • Worldwide Presence: The company has offices and service centers worldwide, enabling effective global service.

  • Strategic Partnerships: FPT Software works with Microsoft, Amazon Web Services (AWS), IBM, and others to provide cutting-edge solutions.

  • Industry-Tailored Solutions: The company provides tailored solutions to financial, healthcare, automotive, manufacturing, and retail concerns.

Relia Software

Relia Software's Flutter developers are experts in mobile cross-platform and web app development. We work with clients to assist them in determining the proper tech and business direction as well as code software. Basic business analytics is used to prioritize features and ensure market fit.


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We'll be pleased to construct a Flutter app from scratch, complete ongoing development, add new functionality, or integrate a new solution into the existing infrastructure. Start Flutter app development quickly by hiring a development team from us.


  • Lower cost: Our professionals understand modern user behavior and design apps that combine originality, transparency, speed, and cost.

  • Lower risk: Good for medium-to-long-term engagement. We code to high standards and test constantly, our products are easy to maintain and high-quality. Fully operational in 1-2 months.

  • Flexibility: We can build, operate, and transfer after the contract if needed. And complete flexibility in team size, workflow, etc.

  • Safety: Keep everyday operations secret and follow client processes.

  • Quality expertise: Our developers are chosen in detail with high qualifications and experiences in our fields. Through the project, we often build from scratch or expand the team.

relia software
Relia Software's Flutter developers are experts in mobile cross-platform and web app development. (Source: Internet)

Elements When Consider Flutter App Companies

We evaluate numerous variables when ranking the top Flutter app development companies:

Relevant Experience

Each chosen business has developed successful Flutter apps. They show their versatility with projects in numerous industries in their portfolio.


Today's fast-paced corporate climate requires rapid development cycles. This list includes organizations that provide high-quality Flutter apps on time, helping clients remain ahead of the competition.


Every company has different budgets and deadlines. The mentioned firms offer customized pricing and solutions for varied budgets and project scopes.

Detail Estimates

Successful client-developer relationships require open communication and detailed cost estimates. The chosen firms provide detailed estimates of project scope, timeline, and costs.

Cases of Flutter Success

Expertise is proven by results. Look for Flutter development businesses with a track record of success. Their case studies demonstrate their ability to use Flutter's capabilities to deliver quality, efficiency, and inventive problem-solving to your project.

Tips for Choosing the Right Flutter App Development Companies

According to the list of top 9 Flutter app development companies above, many Flutter app development businesses offer a variety of services. Considering a few factors before making a decision is essential

Define Your Needs

Before hiring a Flutter app development company, define your project's functions, user base, and goals. Doing so will improve communication and help you find a company that matches your aims.

Check Relevant Experience

Examine the firm's past projects to assess their Flutter app development skills and experience. Assess the quality, efficacy, and design aesthetics of similar initiatives.

Think About Client Feedback

Client feedback reveals the firm's professionalism, communication skills, and dedication to delivery. Check client reviews to determine satisfaction.

Cost estimates

Request detailed cost studies from firms you're considering, including project scope, timeline, and expense breakdown. This information will help you compare and choose the best option for your budget and demands.

Assess Communication and Teamwork

Examine the company's communication and collaboration channels. Request a summary of a firm's communication methods, including tools, update frequency, and issue resolution protocols, to evaluate communication and teamwork.

Get Client Feedback and Case Studies

Ask prior clients for case studies and comments. Some organizations can even arrange direct interviews with past clients to reveal their teamwork, work ethic, and problem-solving skills.

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Why Vietnam For Flutter App Development Companies?

Businesses and people who want to make mobile apps can get a lot of benefits from hiring Flutter development companies in Vietnam. Here are some strong reasons to think about it:

  • Demographic: Vietnam is in the midst of a "golden age" generation, with a young, flexible population that is perfect for the tech industry.

  • Skilled Workers: Vietnam's IT industry has a wide range of workers, from software writers to AI engineers. Their foreign experience and high level of English language skills make it easy for them to communicate with clients around the world.

  • Skilled Traditional Technology Stack: IT workers across the country are up-to-date on the latest technologies and also know how to use more traditional stacks like Java and .NET Rankings around the world show how flexible this country is; Vietnam is one of the top 10 world producers.

  • Government and Economic Stability: Vietnam is a safe and promising place for IT businesses because of its proactive tech policies, such as the National Digital Transformation Program, and steady economic growth.

  • Working Culture: Vietnamese IT workers are known for being honest, having a strong work ethic, and being open to new ideas. This makes collaborations clear and effective.

  • Cost-effectiveness: Vietnam is known for having very low-cost IT services, which makes it a popular place for overseas outsourcing.


Choosing the appropriate Flutter app development company is vital for mobile app success. Consider applicable experience, timely delivery, budget and timeframe suitability, and good communication. Choose a Flutter app development company carefully. Your firm must understand and share your business goals and vision.

If you're ready to develop your app idea, contact us! We can realize your Flutter app vision with our excellent services. Do not miss working with our talented team. Contact our team to make your app concept successful!

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