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22 React project ideas for each level include to-do list app, quote generator, calculator app, weather app, expense tracker, real-time chat app, code editor, etc.

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Once you have mastered the fundamentals of React, you should feel confident using your newly acquired skills to create apps. To be a proficient React developer, you must be able to create apps independently and make use of the appropriate React ecosystem tools.

So to advance your development skills, which React project ideas applications should you learn to create?

This post shows you 22 React project ideas that you should think about when starting to create React applications. This can be a quick and effective way to build up your portfolio, providing potential employers with proof of your experience.

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5 React Project Ideas for Beginners

To-Do List App

This classic project is a great introduction to core fundamental React concepts like components, state management, and user interaction. Build a basic app where users can add, edit, and mark tasks complete.

To-Do List App is an app that keeps track of your to-do list. You can add as many tasks as you want, look for them, tick them off as you finish them, and sort them by using buttons that say "active tasks," "completed tasks," and "all tasks." This is a great project to add to your resume if you are just starting to learn React. 

to do list app
To-do List App (Source: Internet)

Quote Generator

The Quote Generator is a simple React project that teaches components, state management, and APIs. You can explore developing reusable user interface (UI) components, controlling the current quote with React's state, and collecting random quotations from an internet API service with this project. 

Fetch or Axios for API calls and conditional rendering for data-driven UI elements will be covered. Finally, customize your app with CSS or Material-UI to create a beautiful interface.

Start simply, create core functionality, and then add features gradually. This project is an excellent approach to learning React and preparing for more complicated projects!

Calculator App

A calculator that is easy to use and has a nice layout. As a beginning, you could also try making a virtual calculator with React. This is a simple yet effective way to solidify your understanding of React components, props, and state management.

We have seen a lot of different calculator apps on our phones, computers, and other gadgets. A box here lets people type numbers, and the program will then try to do processes like adding, subtracting, dividing, multiplying, and so on. In this lesson, we'll learn how to make a web app that works like a calculator. 

Movie Search App

Another great React starter project is the Movie Search App. It explores APIs and user-friendly data displays. 

This project lets you practice constructing a search bar, movie list display, and movie entry components. You'll practice API development calls with Fetch or Axios and JSON parsing to obtain movie metadata.  Discover how to dynamically populate the movie list with user queries and render movie information with photos and text.

You can add pagination for huge search results, genre or release date filters, and short descriptions or user ratings (if accessible from the API) as you continue. The Movie Search App is a fun and useful project that improves your React abilities and prepares you for data-driven apps.


The classic Tic-Tac-Toe game is a fun way to practice React user interaction and state management. This classic game reinforces your understanding of user interaction and state management. Implement logic for turn management, win conditions, and a user-friendly interface.

This project is great for practicing constructing reusable game boards, squares, and winner display components. You'll use React's state management to track the board layout, turn, and winning combinations. 

Learn to handle square clicks, update the game state, and conditionally render UI elements based on game progress. The Tic-Tac-Toe project is enjoyable and engaging, helping you learn React basics.

5 Intermediate React Project Ideas   

Weather App

A weather app that gives users detailed information about the weather where they choose. Built with React and the Open Weather API to show the most up-to-date weather information. We can look for the city and country where we want to see the weather forecast here. Along with the React hooks and conditional rendering, we will use the fetch method to get the API calls. 

Integrate features like:

  • Multi-city search: Allowing users to search for weather in multiple locations simultaneously.

  • Hourly forecast: Display detailed hourly weather information for the next 24 hours.

  • Interactive weather map: Implement a map that visualizes weather conditions for different regions.

  • Weather alerts: Integrate with weather alert APIs to notify users of potential severe weather events.

This project will challenge you with more complex data handling, user interface design for displaying multiple weather details, and potentially working with map APIs.

Weather App
Weather App (Source: Internet)

Expense Tracker

The Expense Tracker app can be significantly enhanced beyond a basic version to provide a powerful financial management tool. Imagine a more sophisticated expense tracker that goes beyond just logging income and expenses. You can incorporate features like:

Expand your expense tracker app with functionalities like:

  • Budgeting: Allow users to set budget goals for different categories (e.g., food, rent, entertainment).

  • Charts and reports: Generate interactive charts and reports to visualize spending patterns and compare expenses over time.

  • User authentication: Implement user accounts for secure data storage and personalized budgeting.

  • Data synchronization: Enable syncing of expense data across devices using cloud storage solutions like Firebase.

This project pushes you to explore user authentication, data visualization libraries, and potentially backend integration for data persistence and synchronization.

Shopping List App

The Shopping List app can evolve from a simple static list to a collaborative and dynamic tool for managing groceries or household items. Move beyond a basic list to create a collaborative shopping list app with:

  • Real-time updates: Utilize libraries like Socket.IO or WebSockets for real-time updates between users as items are added, edited, or marked purchased.

  • Group collaboration: Allow users to create shared shopping lists for specific events or occasions.

  • Item categorization: Implement features for categorizing items (e.g., groceries, and household items) for better organization.

  • Recipe integration: Explore integrating with recipe APIs to create shopping lists from recipes.

This project demands a deeper understanding of real-time communication technologies, user management for collaboration, and potential integration with external APIs.

Kanban Board

The Kanban Board project can transform from a basic task list into a robust project management tool to visualize workflows and optimize team collaboration. Build a project management tool with advanced functionalities like:

  • Swimlanes: Implement swimlanes for categorizing tasks based on priority, workflow stages, or team members.

  • Drag-and-drop functionality: Enable tasks to be easily dragged and dropped between different columns on the Kanban board.

  • Task dependencies: Allow users to define dependencies between tasks to visualize project workflows.

  • Integrations with other tools: Explore integrating with tools like Slack or Trello for notifications and task synchronization.

This project challenges you with complex UI component interactions for drag-and-drop, managing data structures for task dependencies, and potentially integrating with third-party APIs.

E-commerce App

Using an e-commerce app, users can click "Add to cart" below each product on the web page to add it to their cart. Use it to check out at the end. Nowadays, everyone knows these terms since they parody Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, etc. Start building a full-fledged e-commerce store with core features like:

  • Product Browsing: Allowing users to browse product categories, view product details, and filter products by various criteria.

  • Shopping cart management: Implement a shopping cart where users can add, remove, and update quantities of desired products.

  • Basic checkout flow: Design a checkout process for users to enter shipping and payment information. (Payment processing can be integrated later)

This project introduces you to e-commerce concepts, product data management, and designing a user-friendly shopping experience. You can gradually add functionalities like payment integration, user authentication, and order management in later stages.

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5 Advanced React Project Ideas

Real-Time Chat App

The Real-Time Chat App delves into advanced React concepts and pushes your skills to a new level. Imagine building a feature-rich chat application where users can connect and communicate seamlessly. Build a feature-rich chat application with functionalities like:

  • Private and group messaging: Allow users to create private chat rooms for one-on-one conversations or group chats for larger communication needs.

  • Real-time updates: Utilize WebSockets or Socket.IO for instant message delivery, ensuring everyone sees messages as they are sent.

  • Rich media support: Enable users to send not only text messages but also images, videos, and voice recordings.

  • Persistent chat history: Implement a backend solution (e.g., Node.js development) to store chat history, allowing users to access past conversations.

This project challenges you with real-time communication protocols, user management for chat rooms, potentially integrating with a backend for data persistence, and designing a scalable architecture to handle a potentially large number of users.

real time chat app
Real-time Chat App (Source: Internet)

Social Networking App

The Social Networking App takes your React skills to a whole new level, allowing you to build a dynamic and engaging platform for users to connect and share. Go beyond a basic profile page and create a dynamic social platform with features like:

  • Newsfeed customization: Allow users to personalize their newsfeed by following other users, groups, or topics they're interested in.

  • Content creation and sharing: Enable users to create and share various content formats like text posts, images, videos, or even live streams.

  • User interaction features: Implement functionalities like commenting, liking, and sharing content, fostering user engagement within the platform.

  • Search and discovery: Integrate search functionality to allow users to find specific content, people, or groups based on their interests.

This project demands expertise in user authentication, managing a large amount of user-generated data, potentially integrating with cloud storage solutions, and designing an engaging and interactive user interface for social interactions.

Code Editor

The Code Editor project is an ambitious undertaking that will significantly elevate your React development skills. This ambitious project involves building a web-based code editor with functionalities like:

  • Syntax highlighting: Implement language-specific syntax highlighting for various programming languages (e.g., JavaScript, Python, Java) to improve code readability.

  • Code completion and suggestions: Provide code completion suggestions as users type, helping them write code faster and more efficiently.

  • Integration with linters and formatters: Integrate tools like ESLint or Prettier to detect and fix potential code errors and ensure consistent code formatting.

  • Real-time collaboration: Explore features for collaborative coding sessions, allowing multiple users to edit the same code simultaneously.

This project is a significant challenge that requires in-depth knowledge of web development, text editor functionalities, integration with language parsers for syntax highlighting, and building a collaborative editing experience.

Data Visualization Dashboard

The Data Visualization Dashboard project allows you to step into the world of data analysis by building an interactive dashboard to bring data to life. Create an interactive dashboard to visualize and analyze data. Here are some features to consider:

  • Data fetching and integration: Integrate with APIs or databases to retrieve data for visualization.

  • Multiple chart types: Support various chart types like line charts, bar charts, pie charts, and scatter plots to represent data in different ways.

  • User interaction and filtering: Allowing users to interact with the charts, filter data based on specific criteria, and explore trends and patterns within the data.

This project challenges you with data fetching and manipulation techniques, building reusable chart components for different visualizations, and designing an interactive user interface for data exploration.

4 Other Ideal React Project Ideas for Portfolio

As you learn React, one of the best ways to show off your skills is to put together a collection of great projects. Besides these projects above, there are other ideas that you can refer to make your portfolio attractive and interesting to employers.

Language Learning App

Making an app to help people learn a language is a creative project idea that shows you can make user interfaces, handle state, and work with multimedia material. Some features could be:

  • Lessons and tests on words.

  • Worksheets and lessons on grammar.

  • Practice listening and pronouncing words.

  • Tracking users' progress and making it fun.

  • Content made by users (like a website, chat room, or language exchange).

You have to make a clean and easy-to-use UI, set up a backend to store lesson material and user data and add multimedia content like pictures and audio recordings.

language learning app
Language Learning App (Source: Internet)

Job Search Application

You can show off your skills by working with APIs, making user interfaces, and handling state in a React app by making a job search app. Some features could be:

  • Many ways to search for jobs and narrow your results, such as by title, region, or company.

  • Information about the job in great detail, like the duties, requirements, and perks.

  • Authenticating users and managing job applications.

  • A resume maker and the ability to send a resume.

  • Signs and warnings for jobs.

You'll need to get data from a job search API like Indeed or GitHub Jobs, make parts that show job data, and set up features for authenticating users and managing job applications to build this app.

Project Management App

A project management tool is a difficult project concept that forces a thorough understanding of React, state management, and backend programming. Features may include:

  • Project development and management, including tasks, milestones, and deadlines.

  • Team collaboration, which includes task assignment and commenting.

  • Time tracking includes time spent on tasks and project progress.

  • File administration includes file uploads and sharing.

  • Notifications and Activity feeds.

To complete this project, you'll need to design a responsive and intuitive user interface, implement state management to handle user input and project data and integrate with a backend to store and retrieve project information.

Learning Management System

A learning management system (LMS) is an excellent project for demonstrating your skills in designing user interfaces, dealing with APIs, and maintaining the state of a React app. Features may include:

  • Course Catalogue with Filtering and Sorting Options.

  • Detailed course information, such as lessons, tests, and assignments.

  • User identification and course enrollment management.

  • Progress monitoring and analytics.

  • Tools for instructors to manage their courses and students.

To create this app, you'll need to retrieve data from a learning API or create your backend for storing and providing course data, design components for presenting course information, and configure user authentication and course enrollment management functions.

3 Interesting Github React Project Ideas

Jira Clone

Atlassian's Jira is popular among developers and teams for project management. This GitHub project is a simple React Jira clone. This project offers an interactive user interface like Jira but with simpler coding. 

The project uses React, webpack, ode, ESLint, styled components, and Cypress. It leverages advanced React capabilities like functional components with hooks. This project also uses custom lightweight UI components like modals and date pickers.

Some highlight features include: 

  • Issues should be detailed, assigned to team members, and tracked (To Do, In Progress, Done). 

  • Create a user interface that lets users customize dashboards and filter concerns by criteria for better attention. 

  • Add basic reporting. Imagine task distribution charts by status or team member effort to optimize project methods.


Spectrum is a prominent GitHub open-source React project. It curates communities via chat. The project offers a chatting experience like many famous apps. Built on react. You can search for communities, identify top communities, join communities, and do everything a social media app should. 

This massive project used React, rethinkDB, Redis, graphQL, Flowtype, and Passport. The project structure and code are current and difficult to understand. However, it will expose you to these technologies and help you comprehend them.

Some highlights of this application:

  • Focus on security and privacy features.

  • Integration with productivity tools for a streamlined workflow.

  • Customizable interface for a personalized browsing experience.

  • Enhanced tab management for efficient multitasking.


You can use DevHub on your computer or on the web to keep track of notifications and actions on GitHub. The tool is useful and has a great user interface. It also works on phones. The app has many features, including a dashboard, filters, message manager, user stalking, multiple-column layout, save for later, keyboard shortcuts, and more. 

React, React Native, redux, typescript, redux-saga, electron, and reselect were used to build the huge project. Some highlights: 

  • Centralized Developer Portal: Centralize developer resources and tools for convenient access. API documentation, code samples, tutorials, and help channels are candidates.

  • Improvements: Encourage developer collaboration and information sharing. Use discussion forums, code repositories, and wikis to let developers collaborate and exchange best practices.

  • Performance Analytics: Monitor developer activity and project health. Measure code commits, problem resolution timeframes, and code coverage to enhance development processes.

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Building React projects is a great opportunity to showcase your abilities, learn new concepts, and keep up with industry trends as a web developer.

React project ideas help you learn web programming. Each project you make, from small to-do apps to sophisticated social media platforms, will help you learn React and its ecosystem. Start small, focus on the basics, then add more difficult projects as you grow.

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