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5 steps to hire Flutter developers: 1: Setting objectives 2: Deadlines and budgets; 3: Relevant criteria; 4: Finding developers 5: Signing the contract.

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Google's cross-development tool Flutter has revolutionized mobile app development. This framework has revolutionized mobile app development since 2017. Flutter is known for its exclusive capabilities and extensive resources that let developers construct amazing mobile apps.

Flutter is preferred by organizations for user-centric app development. When hiring Flutter developers, many app owners struggle to find the best one.

Due to the rising number of Flutter app developers, organizations must have the correct approach to hiring Flutter developers in 2023. In this blog, we will show the top ways to hire Flutter app developers in 2023.

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Why Are Flutter Developers In High Demand?

Flutter is the dominant cross-platform framework, hence demand for Flutter developers is high. The 2023 Stack Overflow Developer Survey named Flutter one of the top 20 frameworks developers enjoy. Love for Flutter shows in the growing community of developers and market for Flutter app development services.

Its adaptability allows organizations to deploy on numerous platforms and swiftly evaluate product concepts with thorough and visually perfect Flutter applications, making it popular. Cross-platform technologies simplify team administration by requiring only one team for maintenance and management since one code applies to all platforms.

However, strong demand has caused a shortage of Flutter developers, especially native app developers.

job description of flutter developers
Job Description of Flutter Developers (Source: Internet)

Job Description of Flutter Developers


  • Make mobile app experiences that are easy to use, fun, and always getting better.

  • Regularly delivers well-defined features with low to medium complexity.

  • Fix bugs that come up during development, testing, and production.

  • Take part in designing software to add features and fix bugs.

Qualification & Experience

  • Bachelor's degree in computer science or a similar field.

  • Has more than four years of experience as a web developer, creating data-driven apps using current JavaScript frameworks.

  • Expertise in Flutter for both Android and iOS.

  • Built on solid ideas about how to show information visually.

  • Strong skills in understanding how to build and use apps for Android or iOS.

  • Worked with well-known tools for networking, asynchronous tasks, image loading, and other things.

Technical Skills

  • Dart programming: Flutter executes simple scripts written in Dart, a client-based programming language. Dart, a new object-oriented language, resembles C and Java. This multi-dimensional programming language allows Flutter developers to create mobile, desktop, and server apps. 

  • Native Programming Language Expertise: Building optimized Flutter apps for Android requires knowledge of native mobile application development languages like C, C++, C#, or Kotlin. Swift programming skills can help developers create cross-platform apps. Additionally, learning and using these programming languages can help developers build on Flutter faster.

  • Agile and Waterfall: Flutter apps can be developed utilizing Waterfall or Agile methods depending on the company, project size, and team. Agile project management and software development help teams generate products faster and with fewer issues. In waterfall software development, work starts on the following phase when the previous one is finished.

  • Git: Git helps most firms develop and manage applications quickly and efficiently, regardless of framework or programming language. Git helps with version control and team collaboration. Learning Git can help you collaborate on Flutter projects with the development team.

  • SQLite: Many Flutter projects save and load data locally using SQLite. SQLite plugins allow Flutter developers to read, insert, update, and delete data. Flutter data management can be improved by learning SQLite.

  • Test-driven Development: TDD involves building quality assurance tests for each app unit before introducing code or features. Refactoring reduces problems, and repetitious debugging, and adds reliability. Since Dart and Flutter tests are incompatible, Flutter requires two libraries. TDD reduces ambiguity in Flutter code, improving quality.

Soft Skills

Besides technical abilities, businesses require Flutter developers to have soft skills for productivity. Other soft talents you can build to become a better and more valuable Flutter developer:

  • Communication Skills: Flutter developers brainstorm and find the best solutions with other teams. Verbal and written communication skills help you avoid miscommunications and collaborate with senior and junior developers.

  • Problem-solving and Critical thinking: Developers often face obstacles throughout application development. Objective thinking and creative problem-solving can help you handle working obstacles.

  • Creativity: Thinking outside the box can help you solve workplace problems and set your team's goods apart. Focusing on action and having great logical and creative thinking skills will be a plus.

  • Teamwork: Flutter developers often work with project managers, product designers, UI/UX designers, and quality assurance professionals. Collaboration, teamwork, and conflict resolution can improve workplaces.

  • Learning and Adaptability: Flutter evolves like other technologies. Flutter engineers are recommended to be committed to continual learning and improving their skills. Their versatility prevents your project from stagnating or falling behind.

Methods of Hiring Flutter Developers

Freelance Platforms

Many freelance Flutter developers work on Upwork and Fiverr. These services let you compare developers' portfolios, client evaluations, and rates before hiring.


  • Cost-effectiveness: Hiring a freelance developer eliminates the need for additional jobs and lets you directly communicate with the person in charge of all project components.

  • Flexibility: Upwork lets you use freelancing agencies to collaborate on your project. This can provide complete solutions without a full-time in-house workforce.


  • Low Commitment: Vacations, illnesses, and other commitments may affect a single project worker's availability. Such events could delay product releases or bug patches.

  • Checking Process: Some freelance marketplaces, like Upwork, need to thoroughly review freelancers. Your research may be needed to verify the freelancer's skills and suitability for your assignment.

  • Support and Maintenance After App Development: Freelancers rarely provide long-term support, system updates, or debugging, which can affect performance, stability, and security and make it harder for organizations to manage and maintain their applications.

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Specialist Recruitment Firms

Tech recruiters like Toptal and Talent.com specialize. You may find top Flutter developers through their thorough screening procedure.


  • Strong Screening: These agencies test developers to ensure they fit your company's culture and are technically capable.

  • Personal Recommendations: Based on consultations, agencies recommend candidates based on technical competence and cultural fit.

  • Work With Professionals: These agencies provide vetted, experienced people with project management abilities.

  • Flexible Recruitment: Agencies allow developers to migrate to in-house employment after collaboration, expanding your recruitment approach.


  • Hiring Individual Professionals: Complex projects requiring a multidisciplinary team may not suit agency-provided specialists.

  • Potential Team-building Issues: Building a team through an agency may increase management duties and time-zone alignment challenges, especially if team members are distributed across multiple regions. Consider these factors when making a decision.

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Flutter App Development Agency 

Agencies offer complete software development services. From app design to post-release maintenance, our agency provides experienced Flutter development. Check out our best Flutter app development businesses if this is an option.


  • Cost Efficiency: Agencies can solve coding issues cost-effectively with experienced developers and years of experience.

  • Mobile App Expertise: Mobile app development agencies ensure your app meets user needs and follows best practices. A solid portfolio shows they can make user-centric products.

  • Rapid Value: Experienced agencies can give rapid value with minimum project immersion due to their internal frameworks that may serve diverse business kinds and sizes.

  • Easy Transition: After the cooperation, agencies can help your app production team move to an in-house team using their knowledge and experience.


  • Cultural Misalignment: Cultural discrepancies can make collaboration difficult when the agency has a very different worldview.

  • Honesty and Transparency: Assessing the agency's honesty and billing accuracy in a fresh relationship is tough. Predefined agreements on chargeable work might reduce risk, but unfair tactics need transparency and accountability in all contacts.

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5 steps to hire flutter developers
5 Essential Steps to Hire Flutter Developers (Source: Internet)

5 Essential Steps to Hire Flutter Developers for Your Business

The greatest Flutter developers must be hired methodically. Here are some guidelines:

Step 1: Setting Objectives of The Project

Define your project goals and requirements before searching for Flutter developers. Spend time defining your requirements and vision to set clear expectations.

It is important to be as descriptive as possible, considering the stage of development your business is now in. If you are searching for assistance with specifications, provide a detailed description of your vision and set your expectations.

Step 2: Setting Deadlines and Budgets

Before you engage Flutter developers, you should consider both your budget and the projected timeframe. Be mindful of the various dangers and obstacles that may arise. 

If you are unsure about the timings of the project, you should seek the assistance of a specialist to obtain an estimate from a technical point of view. 

Step 3: Set Relevant Criteria

For your Flutter development team to be successful, you should establish a set of requirements. 

  • What technology stack do they need? 

  • What's the optimal seniority? 

  • How about the industry experience level? 

  • Do you need a certain time zone? 

  • Are there budget constraints? 

  • Do they need to speak languages other than English?

Remember to ensure that your criteria are grounded in reality while maintaining an openness to new experiences and information.

Step 4: Partner With a Trustworthy Developer

Consider a candidate's technical abilities and work history while making your decision. Seek out programmers who have experience completing Flutter projects. Find out how well they know the Flutter framework, Dart, UI/UX design concepts, and how to integrate third-party libraries and APIs. 

If you want to know what they're capable of, look at their past work and read reviews from satisfied customers. Let's ask for portfolios and references. Question their procedure, experience, communication preferences, security and quality guarantees, personnel vetting, and everything related to your demands. This can help you determine if your partner has the best price-quality ratio.

Step 5: Signing Contract

After you've picked a choice, have developers sign contracts that specify the project's duration and secrecy. By signing a contract, you can legally save your personal information as well as other pertinent data. Additionally, addressing the bond period and timing will support business continuity.

Both parties must sign an NDA while collaborating with a Flutter developer, regardless of the engagement arrangement. This protects critical data and IT. Make sure your needs, wants, and priorities are met.

cost to hire flutter developers
How Much Does It Cost To Hire Flutter Developers? (Source: Internet)

How Much Does It Cost To Hire Flutter Developers?

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By Location

High demand and cost of living in North America probably explain the highest rates. South America's booming tech scene and lower living costs still make it higher rates than many other regions.

Western Europe has a strong tech industry, with rates comparable to North and South America. Due to its talented developers, Eastern Europe offers reduced costs without sacrificing quality.

Due to its IT industry and living costs, Australia's rates are comparable to Western Europe. Asia and Africa have lower rates despite rising digital skill pools. This is due to cheaper living costs and Africa's growing digital industry. 


Hourly Average Salary  

North America

$80 - $150

South America

$50 - $85

Western Europe

$60 - $100

Eastern Europe

$25 - $55


$60 - $120


$25 - $45


$20 - $45

It is reported that Flutter developer salaries vary by state in the US. New York developers earn the most, followed by Florida, Massachusetts, Washington, Georgia, California, Colorado, Illinois, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania in tenth place.

They also report that Flutter developers in the US earn $64.66 per hour. Starting pay is $52.88 per hour, and experienced workers can earn $77.12.

By Experience

Entry-level developers with little experience and exposure have the lowest rates. Their services are cheaper because they are still growing their portfolios and experience. 

Mid-level developers charge more than entry-level developers due to their expertise and skill set. This shows their improved skills and project worth.

Senior developers with vast expertise and specific abilities earn the most. Their expertise, capacity to manage difficult tasks, and project management skills justify higher fees.

As they gain experience, developers add more value and skill to projects, which affects their rate.

Experience Level

Average Salary per Hour

Entry-level developer

$30 - $45

Mid-level developer

$40 - $75

Senior-level developer

$50 - $95

By App Complexity & Hour Rates

Flutter developers' charges depend on application complexity and development time. 

Developers charge less for simple apps like Uber or fitness apps, which take 4–8 months to construct. This is because these apps have simple features and functions.

Mid-level complexity apps like Netflix or YouTube take 6–12 months to develop. Due to its complexity and functionality, developers charge more than basic programs.

Finally, complicated apps like Telegram, WhatsApp, and Instagram have the greatest rates. Due to their complex functions and deep problem domain awareness, these applications take 12–18 months to develop.

App complexity and development time significantly affect Flutter developer rates, reflecting the increasing skill, time, and expertise needed as app complexity increases.

App Complexity


Average Cost per Hour


Uber, Lyft, Fitness Apps

$30 - $50


Netflix, YouTube

$40 - $75


Telegram, WhatsApp, Instagram

$50 - $99

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The Flutter framework helps build cross-platform apps. It reduces development costs and saves time, therefore hiring Flutter developers is in high demand. To make your project successful, it must be experienced Flutter developers.

The Flutter app developers at Relia Software have a decade of experience. Relia creates expressive and rich widget sets using Flutter application development to deliver world-class iOS and Android platforms.

Choose our comprehensive range of Flutter app developers who make running apps on both OS platforms quicker, more convenient, and better. Our specialty is Flutter-powered interactive single-codebase mobile apps.

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