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10 steps to hire Golang developers: Step 1: Define Requirements; Step 2: Write a Job Description; Step 3: Find Candidates; Step 4: Review Resumes and Portfolios; etc.

guide to hire golang developers

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Finding the proper people is vital to project success in the fast-changing world of software development. As firms use specialized languages and frameworks for technological reasons, demand for qualified developers has increased. 

This is especially true of Google's Golang programming language. In this detailed guide, we'll answer crucial questions and illuminate critical aspects of hiring a dedicated Golang developer.

What is A Golang Developer?

Golang developers write code and manage apps in Go. Like other programming language developers, they create, test, and build OS programs. They are usually backend developers, DevOps engineers, or cloud engineers who specialize in Golang and one or more domains. 

Golang developers have to use Go's frameworks and tools. They are usually experienced JavaScript, Python, Java, or C++ programmers. Go is a general-purpose language but focuses on server-side (back-end) solution programming. Therefore, many Go developers work on huge projects with complicated infrastructure. 

Depending on their field, individuals may have used the prevailing language before switching to Golang. They will still need those languages to manage a tech stack, so this is beneficial.

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what is golang developers
 What is A Golang Developer? (Source: Internet)

Are Golang Developers High in Demand?

Skilled Golang developers are in demand as more firms realize their potential. Google, Dropbox, and Docker use Golang for backend infrastructure development because it handles concurrent processes well. Startups and established enterprises have also recognized the language's performance, leading to its widespread use in software development.

Besides IT firms submitting the most Golang developer job adverts, do other industries need Golang developers? The answer is yes. Finance and fintech organizations, as well as cloud platform providers, want such specialists. Companies commonly hire Golang web developers, but they also use it for mobile app development.

Offerzen found that Go web development job ads increased by over 40% from 2015 to 2021. This increase in demand shows Golang's importance in modern software development.

Below are several industries and fields that employ Go/Golang experts:

  • IT services.

  • Fintech and finance.

  • Cloud computing services.

  • Data analysis and big data.

  • Mobile app development.

  • Search engines and internet services.

  • Retail, commerce, distribution.

  • Mass media and entertainment.

But that doesn't mean you can use Go to construct your solution if you operate in another sector. Every project should be examined separately and have a reasonable solution for your project.

Golang Developers’ Job Description

You must grasp what remote Golang developers or specialists do and what jobs you may rely on before hiring them for your office.

What a Golang developer does may change based on the project you hire them for. They are usually multipurpose professionals who can help you succeed in numerous tech projects. 

Yet, Golang developers often have a lot of different tasks to do that cover a wide range of businesses and projects. Some of these are: 

  • Writing that is effective, scalable, and easy to keep writing code.

  • Planning and keeping track of progress and writing down code.

  • The process of finding bugs in the code and fixing them.

  • Keeping up with growth standards, rules, and steps.

  • Using different Go tools.

  • Creating plans for and putting together microservices in the cloud.

  • Working together with product managers, artists, developers, and solution architects.

  • Coordinating across departments to make sure the project meets legal standards and business goals.

  • Taking part in code reviews.

Essential Qualifications and Skills for A Golang Developer


List of qualifications that are preferred when becoming Golang developers:

  • A degree in computer science or an area related to it.

  • GoLearn, Goga, Gorgonia, GoMind, Gonum, Hector, gobot, or gocaffe are some of the machine learning and AI tools in app development that you should know.

  • Being good at Java, C#, C++, or Python.

  • Knowing how to use relational databases.

  • ORM stands for "object-relational mapping." One example of an ORM tool used with Golang is Gorm.

  • Strong knowledge of RESTful APIs, HTTP, Echo, or Gin frameworks, as well as web building and networking skills.

  • Knowing how cloud services work (Go apps are put into the cloud on services like Azure, Google Cloud, or AWS).

Technical Skills

Depending on the job, the exact set of skills that Go developers may need can change. But there are some skills that are useful almost always.

  • Wide Range of Software Development Skills: Look for applicants who have worked directly with software development for more than five years, using programming languages such as Go, Java, and Python.

  • Expertise in Distributed Systems: It's best to have a lot of experience designing and building distributed systems that handle concurrency, multithreading, scheduling, and APIs.

  • Mastery of Goroutine and Channel Patterns: Look for people who know how to use popular Goroutine and channel patterns.

  • Command over Go Templating and Frameworks: Candidates who know how to use Go Templating, popular frameworks, and the tools that go with them show that they have advanced skills.

  • Container Management Skills: Applicants should have experience with platforms like Docker and Kubernetes that are used for container management.

  • Relational Database Skills: being able to work with SQL-based relational systems is very helpful.

  • Microservices Expertise: Look for people who have actively planned, built, deployed, and managed microservices in a scaled cloud context.

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Soft Skills

Important soft skills are also very important when looking for a good Go developer:

  • Effective Communication Skills: Being able to communicate clearly in writing, speaking, and with other people makes it easier to work together in teams and in other settings. Also, if the team is made up of people from different countries, English (or another common language) is a must. 

  • Keen Analytical Skills: A Go developer's skills are greatly improved by having a keen eye for finding ways to make things better and more efficient. Being open-minded. The worst thing that can happen to a business is a team that won't move because they won't accept new ideas.

  • Effective Time Management: Developers can keep track of project backlogs and make sure that all versions are up to date if they can organize their work well and manage their time well. A lot of self-organization and responsibility—this means being able to keep track of your time well and work alone without letting the team down.

  • Smart Ways to Solve Problems: Thinking critically and fixing problems – It's important to know what went wrong and how to fix it when mistakes happen. They should also be willing to hear what other people on the team have to say, no matter how skilled or experienced they are.

4 Models for Hiring Golang Developers

After deciding to recruit Golang engineers, choose the optimal model. We must emphasize that each instance deserves a unique approach. We advise you to thoroughly evaluate all choices from your business's perspective.

In-house hiring

If you have a long-term project, can extend your in-house workforce, and have the resources, employ this model. Golang developers are comfortable on a team if you know they will always have work.

Adding staff

This methodology lets you fill tech positions with vendor-selected expertise. It is a cost-effective and flexible methodology that will help you locate developers faster than in-house staff. A vendor handles all administrative issues.


When you need to outsource some work or projects, use this model. You'll work with a team that handles all project realization tasks. Your participation will decrease. By trusting our staff with such jobs, you obtain specialist experience, optimal pricing, and no need to manage the project.

Use freelancers

Working with freelancers is beneficial. They often offer lower prices than software developers. They adapt well. Since they want additional projects, they work swiftly. But there are many traps. Unfortunately, freelancers can fail or depart without completing their work.

However, many responsible professionals have excellent talents. Just make sure you find the appropriate individual. Upwork is a famous marketplace for locating skilled freelancers.

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Step-by-step Guide for Hiring Golang Developers
Steps for hiring Golang developers (Source: Internet)

10 Steps for Successfully Hiring the Best Golang Developers

Step 1: Define Requirements

Define your project's needs before recruiting. Outline the project, developer tasks, and desired skills.

Choose a full-time developer, part-time freelancer, or remote team member. This initial phase prepares you to discover a Golang developer who shares your project goals.

Step 2: Write a Detailed Job Description

Write a convincing Golang developer job description that lists tasks, abilities, and qualifications. Indicate your preferred developer experience: entry-level, mid-level, or senior.

Tell the developer your project's aims and technical obstacles. Good job descriptions attract individuals who share your project's goals and challenges.

Step 3: Find Candidates

Use many platforms to find Golang developers. Online job boards, developer groups, and social media can help identify eligible individuals.

Personal referrals can lead to development gems, so ask your professional network.

Step 4: Review Resumes and Portfolios

After gathering candidates, carefully evaluate their resumes and portfolios.

Find Golang's experience, open-source contributions, and finished projects that demonstrate coding expertise.

Look for certificates, courses, and technology they've used.

Step 5: Interview Technically

Technical interviews are crucial to hiring. Write technical interview questions that test Golang syntax, concurrency patterns, and problem-solving.

Present real-world scenarios the developer may face in your project and assess their problem-solving skills.

Step 6: Evaluate Soft Skills and Culture

Golang developers require technical and soft abilities for teamwork.

Assess their communication, teamwork, and adaptability during the interview. Assess their learning readiness and fit with your company's culture.

Step 7: Coding Practice Test or Assignment

Consider giving shortlisted individuals a practical coding test or project. This shows their coding style, problem-solving style, and ability to transform technical requirements into code.

Practical tests show a developer's skills and can assist you in choosing.

Step 8: Reference Check

Checking references is crucial to validating a candidate's claims and gaining feedback from prior employers or coworkers.

Contact their references to learn about their work ethic, teamwork, and performance. This phase boosts decision-making confidence.

Step 9: Offer and Final Interview

Invite the top applicants for a final interview to review project details, goals, and expectations. Answer any remaining questions or concerns.

After finding the right individual, make a detailed offer with wages, benefits, and other specifics.

Step 10: Onboarding and Integration

If the candidate accepts, provide smooth onboarding. Introduce them to your team and project, and give them tools, and documentation.

Keep communication open and assist their team integration.

Where to Source Golang Talents?

Depending on your preference for in-house or freelance Go engineers, many platforms can give top candidates. Let's investigate famous avenues:

  • Job Boards: Use Indeed, Glassdoor, SimplyHired, and ZipRecruiter to find in-house talent. Create clear project requirements to screen and evaluate Go developers.

  • LinkedIn: Job listings on LinkedIn Use the platform's enhanced search filters to find top Golang developers worldwide. For easier applicant engagement, post your Golang developer position on LinkedIn.

  • GitHub: With 100 million developers active, you'll find candidates who match your criteria. Join GitHub to use their powerful search engine and filters. Scout developers by geography and programming language proficiency.

  • Stack Overflow: Post job ads and use their advanced candidate search to get the best Go developer candidates.

  • Check out Upwork, Freelancer, and Fiverr: These freelance marketplaces let companies post projects for freelancers to bid on. Create a title, job description, and budget to start. Freelance developers provide competitive bids for comparison.

  • Technology Recruitment Sites: Index. dev is worth considering. This portal connects talented Eastern European and Latin American software engineers. Prior to consideration, all applications are thoroughly screened. Give Index. dev a clear job description and let its matching system find a talented Golang developer. Discover how Index. dev simplifies recruiting experienced developers in over 100 tech fields.

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Top Interview Questions to Hire Golang Developers

Here are six Golang developer interview questions that will help you get a better idea of the candidate's knowledge, experience, and skills. 

1. Could you describe a Go interface?

They should be able to explain that developers can't make cases of the Go interface because it's abstract, but they can make variables of interface types. 

2. Could you explain what a Go desk is?

People who are applying should know that Go workspaces have Golang code in them and are made up of different root folders. They should also know what the three key directories are:

  • The src directory has source files that have been packed.

  • There are package items in the pkg directory.

  • There are programs that can be run in the bin directory.

3. Could you list the different kinds of Go operators?

People who want to work as Go operators must be able to name them: 

  • Operators for math.

  • Others who work.

  • Operators for assigning.

  • Operators with bits.

  • Operators for relationships.

  • Operators for logic.

4. Could you explain what a Go dynamic-type variable statement is?

People who want to become Golang developers should be able to explain what a dynamic-type variable declaration is and how it can be used to create a variable at any point in a Go program. 

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5. Could you list the different ones that Go already has?

The candidates should be able to name the following built-in help:

  • Container: list container, heap container.

  • Database: sql database.

  • Keys for encryption: crypto/md5, crypto/sha1.

  • Web host: net/http.

  • Compression: gzip or compress.

6. What soft skills do you want to work on to get better at your Go work?

To do their jobs well, Golang coders need more than just technical know-how.

Candidates should also be able to talk about what soft skills, like time management, attention to detail, and conversation, they are working on to get better at so they can use Go more effectively.

Golang interview questions
Top Interview Questions to Hire Golang Developers (Source: Internet)

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Hiring a Golang worker is a very important choice that can have a big effect on how well your projects do. As the need for Golang coders grows, it's important to think about things like skill level, cost, and how to hire them.

You'll be able to make smart choices and find the right Golang developer to take your projects to new heights if you follow this complete guide.

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