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Annual Python Developer Salary: Fresher: $74,000 - $100,000; Junior: $75,000 - $170,000; Senior Python Developer: $78,000 - $185,000.

Python Developer Salary Worldwide In 2023 - Relia Software

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The rising popularity of Machine Learning (ML), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Data Analysis (DA) within businesses has contributed to a surge in Python's popularity, which is expected to continue. That's why it's only logical for HR professionals to wonder how much Python coders make.

Learn more about Python developer wages, including those for Python backend developers and Python AI developers, as well as Python developer salaries by experience, hiring method, programming language, and more in this in-depth article.

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Factors Affecting The Cost To Hire Python Developers

Python Developers’ Expertise And Experience 

Python developer salaries are also based on the candidate's level of experience and expertise. There are currently millions of Python developers available, so businesses can hire programmers with varying levels of expertise. It will cost less to recruit a junior Python coder than it will to hire an experienced senior developer. 

A Python developer with more than five years of expertise will command top dollar if you want them to oversee your project. Hiring seasoned Python programmers is a must, no matter the price. It is possible to build a well-rounded team of experts by recruiting developers who have experience and are also open to learning the modern uses of Python.

Developers’ Location

The salary of the Python programmer you hire will also be affected by their location. It's possible that hiring an in-house Python coder on a permanent basis might save money. The cost of employing a developer will also increase if he or she resides in a major city or another country.

Hiring Python programmers from afar can save money on short-term projects. However, it is preferable to engage in-house and local Python developers if there is a long-term deadline for the completion and maintenance of the project.

Reasons for this include the price of living, consumer demand, and current market conditions. Salary levels are greater in high-cost-of-living regions, especially if developers are in high demand for that region.

But in regions where demand is less or where living expenses are lower, incomes may be lower. The compensation level is dependent on the local employment market and economic conditions.

Project’s Development Type

The developer's compensation scale is determined in part by the type of development they will perform. You must engage a full stack developer specifically for the project and pay more for their abilities.

The compensation structure and remuneration of the developers and designers will differ if the employment plan calls for having a back-end development team and a distinct front-end development team. The kind and level of development are what determine a Python developer's pay.

Project’s Complexity

Python programmers work on several projects of varying complexity. The developer may work on a straightforward task or project, or he may work on multi-team, global initiatives that call for coordination and synchronization, depending on his level of experience. The Python developer's pay scale is based on how complicated the projects he works on are.


Following the creation of the Python application, maintaining it successfully is equally crucial. The business must continue paying the Python programmers for maintenance after development. The abilities of Python developers are used as needed when the product needs maintenance and upgrades. Therefore, in addition to development, maintenance of the goods and their frequency also affect the pay scale of Python developers.

Python developer salaries are also based on the candidate's level of experience and expertise.
Python developer salaries are also based on the candidate's level of experience and expertise. (Source: Internet)

Python Developer Salary

By Experience

Expertise is the single most important factor in determining a professional's salary and benefits package. According to one's prior work experience, professionals might be placed into one of three broad groups.

Fresher Python Programmer

The fresher Python programmer handles the fundamentals of the project. The developer, though, must get their feet wet somewhere. Developers at the intermediate and senior levels often rely on the help of newcomers. In the United States, an entry-level professional can expect an annual pay between $74,000 and $100,000.

Junior Python Programmer

A Python coder with two to three years of experience is considered junior level. She or he is an invaluable asset to the contracted development team, aiding in task coordination and code/app compilation. They help with the product's coding and assembly as well. In the United States, a middle-level developer can expect to make between $75,000 and $170,000 annually.

Senior Python Programmer

A senior Python developer has worked in the field for at least five years. Such programmers are typically employed in oversight and management capacities. The senior Python developer's role is to translate between upper management and the development staff. He serves as the team's unifying force and leader.

He monitors the team's efforts and makes sure they finish on time. During the coding and assembly phases, he also helps with bottlenecks and troubleshooting. In the United States, a senior Python developer can expect an annual salary of between $78,000 and $185,000.

By Type of Hiring

Freelance Python Developer 

  • Salary per year starts at 52.666 USD (Source: ZipRecruiter)
  • $20 to $40/hour

Remote Python Developer

$78,198 – $105,195+

On-site Python Developer 

$79,395 – $108,248/year 

(Source: Indeed; PayScale)

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By Geographical Location

Developer salaries may fluctuate from one place to another.

The average annual salary for a Python developer in the United States is close to $100,000. A Python developer's annual pay can average around $130,000 in large tech hubs like San Francisco, though. Salary levels in larger urban centers tend to be higher than those in suburban or rural areas because of the greater number of available jobs and lower cost of living.

Developers skilled in Python can earn anything from €40,000 to €90,000 annually across Europe. Higher earnings for Python developers can be expected in Western European countries like Germany and the United Kingdom compared to Eastern European countries like Poland and Hungary, which have lower costs of living. 

Python programmers in Asia receive the lowest compensation in the world. Pay for Python developers in this region is lower than in the United States and Europe, but it is still above average by regional standards. In India, for example, a software engineer's salary might range from about ₹60,000 to ₹1,500,000 per year, depending on their level of experience and location.

Python developers' annual salaries vary by area, as seen in the table below:



North America

$219,000 – $318,700

South America

$79,700 – $119.500

South Asia

$39,800 – $99.600


$59.700 – $99.60


$119.500 – $199.200

By Industry 

As was previously indicated, your yearly income may be significantly affected by the sector in which you work. The average wages of Python developers in several fields are as follows:




$120,000 – $150,000


$110,000 – $140,000


$110,000 – $145,000 

Software development (tech firms)

$90,000 – $130,000


$85,000 – $120,000

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Python Salary Compared to Other Programming Languages

Python's popularity as a programming language is skyrocketing. Let's now compare Python programmers' annually average salaries to those of other professionals in the US, as reported by ZipRecruiter and PayScale:

Rust Developer 


WordPress Developer 


Java/JavaScript Developer


HTML Developer 


Ruby Developer


PHP Developer 


C Developer 


Python SQL Developer 


Python Web Developer 


Python Machine Learning Developer


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Options For Hiring Python Developers  

Employ A Full-time Internal Developer

The most expensive solution will be to hire a full-time internal developer. You must take your income, insurance, and other benefits into account. The cost of hiring a full-time developer might increase significantly when you take into account the price of office space and facilities.

Employ A Part-time Developer

It will be less expensive to hire a part-time developer than a full-time developer. A part-time developer can work from home, but you'll still need to pay for their wages and perks.

Employ An Outsourcing Firm

Companies that manage outsourcing software development can be a good choice because they will handle the hiring procedure. The drawback is that hiring through an outsourcing firm could be more expensive than hiring a full-time developer.

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Employ Freelancers

The least expensive alternative is to engage a freelancer, and it can be very useful if you need to hire someone with a certain skill set. The drawback is that you'll have to supervise the freelancer and make sure they finish projects on schedule.

Reasons For The Growth In Python Developers’ Salary

Artificial intelligence: Python is wonderful when it comes to accelerating development and saving time because it has a large number of libraries and frameworks. Developers may quickly and easily test algorithms because of its straightforward syntax.

Data science: Python is an excellent fit for data science because it is properly equipped with all the toolkits necessary to make dealing with any type of complex data easy and turn it into actionable knowledge.

Machine learning: Python is a great option for machine learning, giving developers the freedom to choose their preferred programming languages and paradigms. Additionally, they can mix various programming approaches to better effectively address a variety of problems they encounter.

IoT: Python is a wonderful option for IoT solutions since it supports a large variety of libraries, including IoT libraries.

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Python, first launched in 1989, remains the most popular programming language. It is well-liked by both programmers and businesses that deal with large amounts of data because of its unlimited potential for concise programming, simple code, and an uncluttered and user-friendly software design. Knowing the going rate for Python developers may help you make a competitive offer that top talent may find hard to refuse. 

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