Top 17 Best AI Apps For Individuals and Businesses in 2024

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17 best AI apps include ChatGPT, Synthesia,, Semantic Scholar, ShortlyAI, Simplified, Lalal.AI, NovaAI, Spin Rewriter, Microsoft Copilot, Google Bard, Replika, etc.

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The function and popularity of Artificial Intelligence (AI) are soaring by the day. AI is the ability of a system or a program to think and learn from experience. AI apps have significantly evolved over the past few years and have found their applications in almost every business sector. 

This article will help you explore the top best AI apps that are increasingly popular. Check it out!

What are AI Apps?

Artificial intelligence (AI) apps are pieces of software that use AI to solve specific tasks. That's a wide range of jobs, like writing text, analyzing big data sets, or guessing when the next big earthquake will happen. 

The way we use and deal with technology has already changed because of AI tools, like Siri, Google Maps, and smart Netflix algorithms. This change will speed up in the future. With the rise of generative AI, a new type of AI that can create new material that has never been seen before, we are about to see a lot of useful uses in all kinds of fields.

So, how do all of these AI apps work? 

In short, they use algorithms for machine learning to look at data and make choices based on patterns and current trends that have already been found. This eventually leads to results that are the same as or better than what humans would do.

Benefits of AI Apps

All AI apps, though, make one easy promise: they are here to make our lives easier. This could mean saving time, getting rid of jobs we don't like, making fewer mistakes, or getting better at being creative.

Applications that use AI come in many forms, including website add-ons, apps for your phone or computer, and browser-based apps. No matter how they look, the following benefits about them will make your life better:

  • Always available: They are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. No sleep, no pay, and no time off for sickness.

  • Eliminate repeated tasks: They get rid of boring jobs. No more doing the same things over and over; now you can focus on more important things.

  • Fast running: They perform quickly. They can do things in minutes that would take you weeks to do.

  • Accurate works: They are correct. People make mistakes for many reasons, but AI doesn't.

  • Brainstorming partners: They help you brainstorm. If you need someone to help you come up with new ideas? AI apps are on your side.

  • Creatively express yourself: They let you be creative and show yourself. You don't need to know how to code to make songs, videos, designs, or text anymore.

  • Improve your experience: They make your experiences better. You got it: better websites, better apps, and more engaging video games.

17 Best AI Apps for Individuals and Businesses


ChatGPT has been extremely popular recently. In November 2022, OpenAI launched a web-based chatbot that became popular. It answers inquiries like any other chatbot with its simple interface.

Based on OpenAI's huge language models, it was trained on a massive internet database. It's changing how people write essays, emails, blogs, articles, speeches, and code.


  • Its chatbot-like interface makes it straightforward to use.

  • It answers many queries on any topic.

  • It is free and supports over 50 languages.


  • Lack of context for some topics.

  • Free versions may crash and perform poorly.

  • Possible prejudice, hallucination.

Price: Free - ChatGPT Plus: $20/month for faster responses.

chatgpt best ai apps
ChatGPT (Source: Internet)


Synthesia was the first company to use AI to make videos. You can easily make videos with real people by typing text into their easy-to-use online tool. Some of the 160+ AI avatars are based on real people, and they can say your words in more than 140 languages. First, you can make a free AI movie. Then you can move up to a starter plan ($29/month) or an enterprise plan (custom price).


  • Simple and intuitive, it's perfect for novices.

  • It supports 140+ languages.

  • Offers the finest avatar quality and numerous templates for beginners.

  • Over 50,000 firms utilize it and rate it 4.8/5.


  • Only browsers support it.

  • Not sure how much the corporate plan costs.


  • Demo for free

  • Initial plan: $29/mo.

  • Creator plan: $67/mo

  • Enterprise: seat count price


DALL-E 2 is without a doubt the most well-known AI picture generator out there. This text-to-image system by Open AI can take words and turn them into realistic pictures and art. It's really like magic. 

It only takes writing down what you want it to make, and you get the picture right away. In a lifelike style, an astronaut on a horse? Like Claude Monet, a fox sitting in a field? Yes, it is that smart. The best part is that anyone can mess around with it. 


  • It generates graphics in several styles.

  • The created photos are unlicensed, so use them freely.

  • Each word question offers four photos.


  • Photorealistic photographs are sometimes difficult to generate.

  • It supports just English prompts.

Price: $15 for 115 credits ($0.13 per text prompt) is a tool for natural language processing that helps people make better choices by helping them understand data and draw conclusions from it. Enter the topic you're interested in, and it will give you a lot of information, like the number of publications, the number of citations, the top publishers and writers, and more. Companies and groups use it to make sense of data and get information they can use.


  • The tool delivers insights on user-entered topics.

  • Good filtering lets users identify the best sources.

  • Users can create references with a click.


  • Users must trust natural language processing algorithms, which may be inaccurate.

  • Some users find the product clumsy.

Price: Free

Semantic Scholar

Want to learn more about science quickly? You can keep up with the latest research trends in your area with Semantic Scholar. It keeps track of more than 2 million academic papers and can quickly pull out the most important results from them. This research AI can also help you find and quote important literature and will let you know about new papers or citations that interest you. It's free for you to use.


  • Semantic Scholar is free.

  • Researchers can save time by using AI to extract essential findings from research articles.

  • Recent additions include Semantic Reader, an AI tool for researchers.


  • Semantic Scholar has a large paper library, however, it may not cover every area.

  • Researchers must trust AI to find and suggest relevant papers.

Price: Free

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ShortlyAI, a new mobile AI app, promises to simplify digital content consumption. Summarising lengthy content, language translation, and clear voiceovers help consumers understand complex issues.

ShortlyAI is one of the greatest marketing AI solutions since it can summarise hours of reading in minutes. This is without quality or context compromises.

It can translate languages well so that you can read foreign content easily. Your translations will be top-notch because their language algorithms are tuned for correctness and reliability.

High-quality speech synthesis lets the app interpret data clearly and naturally. This helps people who desire visual aids while reading.


  • Summarizer of podcasts and books.

  • Variable depth setting.

  • Intuitive and easy-to-use user interface.

  • Precise video transcriptions.


  • Improvements are needed for the save and share function.


A week- or month-long plan, which costs $5.49 and $11.49 respectively, lets users try out the service for a while. People who want to use it for a longer time can get an annual ticket for $48.49, which gets rid of the need for a trial period.

Simplified — Brand Kits & AI Content Production

AI applications Simplified streamlines current marketers and writers' workflows. Brand Kits, Design Templates, and the AI Writer help users create original content quickly.

Designers can easily develop consistent brand images across all mediums using Brand Kits. They can also start with pre-populated social media and logo design templates with the suggested copy. Rather than starting over in Photoshop, this saves time later in the procedure.


  • Guidance is provided on their website.

  • Adaptable and cost-effective pricing.

  • Great application for freelancers and marketers.

  • All-inclusive application for your social requirements.


  • Character limit in certain tools and caption features.


Users can pick a pricing system that fits their budget and how they like to use the service. There are one-time purchases for set amounts of credit, like 10,000 AI Credits, and tier-based plans, like the Growth plan and the Business plan.

simplified best ai apps
Simplified (Source: Internet)

Lalal.AI Vocal Remover

Lalal.AI's fast, professional, and powerful program can remove vocals, isolate musical instruments, cancel background noise, and batch upload 20 files. It uses the latest AI technologies to deliver an unmatched stem-splitting experience.

The program supports MP3, OGG, WAV, FLAC, AVI, MP4, MKV, AIFF, and AAC. Users may express their creativity while generating high-quality music without worrying about file compatibility, bitrate, or sound quality.

The nicest aspect is that Lala.AI lets you download complete stems at the same bitrate and format as the source file without quality loss. Cleans voice recordings of annoying background noises, offering listeners a great audio experience.


  • Utilise stem mixing for your voices and instrumentals.

  • Effortlessly eliminate background noise during podcast recordings.

  • Save and upload files in various formats.

  • Provides an in-app audio player that supports many file formats.


  • Absence of batch processing.


Users can choose between a 25-minute or 90-minute session, giving them options based on their wants and preferences.

NovaAI - Multilingual Chatbot 

NovaAI is a groundbreaking App Store AI chatbot. It uses ChatGPT, GPT4, and Google Bard and has capabilities no other software has. This powerful tool can answer questions quickly and offer advice on more complex assignments like composing stories or a compelling resume.

NovaAI's unlimited daily use sets it apart from other chatbots. This software supports over 140 languages for global use. This makes it easy to discover answers and assistance in your native or studied language.


  • The application is compatible with around 140 languages.

  • Support for devices that can work together seamlessly.

  • Unlimited inquiries and responses.

  • Provides conversations and message records.


  • Reported problems with subscriptions returning to free mode.


Choose weekly Chatbot Pro, 1-year Pro, or lifetime Nova memberships. A 1-month Chatbot OpenAI subscription is also available. Select the subscription plan that suits your needs and usage.

Animoto - AI-Powered Social Story Video Editor

Animoto Social Video Editor lets you make professional videos quickly and effortlessly, improve your editing abilities, or update your content marketing quickly. It gives users limitless possibilities with collages, layouts, animated text, and easy interaction with licensed music libraries.

The Animoto app has several collage and layout options, excellent for social media pictures that capture attention. It lets you add professional-quality animated overlays or text to your movies to boost your brand. 


  • Provides branding resources including colors, fonts, and logos.

  • Simple yet robust video editing software.

  • A wide selection of music soundtracks is available.

  • It is beneficial for several businesses such as health, fitness, real estate, e-commerce, and others.


  • The app may feature a corporate aesthetic that may not be appealing to all users.


Animoto Basic lets customers make unbranded HD 1080p videos with unlimited downloads. Customization possibilities include logos, colors, licensed audio tracks, and stock pictures in the Professional plan. Users can choose monthly or annual plans based on usage and interests.

Spin Rewriter - Create Original Content Easily

Spin Rewriter is an AI-powered iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch app that automatically rewrites content into original content. Its innovative ENL Semantic Spinning Technology boosts productivity and quality. Spin Rewriter is ideal for mobile writers without laptops or desktops.

Spin Rewriter uses the newest technology to provide effective, understandable rewrites. ENL Semantic Spinning uses NLP algorithms to consider how words fit together, leaving no computer footprint in the article.

It may extract simple or sentence-level bullet points from transcripts to give you more control over the created material. Grammar fixer algorithms make papers easier to read. Rewriting paragraphs with AI technology improves readability while keeping word and phrase accuracy.


  • Create a maximum of 1,000 different versions of your initial article.

  • It can connect with numerous other tools using an API.

  • Spin Rewriter is more cost-effective than other article spinners.

  • It enables the mass production of spun items.


  • It could produce grammatical or spelling mistakes that require correction.


There is no information regarding the cost of Spin Rewriter on their App Store page; however, a subscription purchased through their website costs $77 per year and includes a free trial period of five days.

spin rewriter best ai apps
Spin Rewriter (Source: Internet)

DeepArtEffects - AI Art Editor

DeepArtEffects is a popular iPhone art editor. This tool enables you to change colors or add elements to a current piece to create a new one. Combine two images to create something unique.

Next, this program adds Prisma Filters to photographs. Complex AI processing powers these filters' unique visuals. DeepArtEffects supports HD (1080px) and FULL HD (1920px) resolutions. Select your plan. It also removes watermarks for slideshows and portfolios.

The program lets users delete, rename, organize, and access ULTRA HD (3840px) artwork remotely without passing image rights to other parties.


  • Select from over 40 art styles to discover your preferred photo art effect.

  • Provides rapid picture processing close to real-time.

  • The premium version provides artwork in FULL HD resolution at 1920px.

  • The user always retains the image rights.


  • Restricted to effects that are pre-made or available within the app.


The Premium Version gives you access to a lot of tools, and you can also get subscriptions like the Monthly Premium Subscription and the Annual Premium Subscription. Images with an Ultra HD quality can also be chosen by users for a one-time fee.

Microsoft Copilot

Microsoft has struggled for years to retain search engine dominance, but its new Copilot Android app uses the ChatGPT engine to power its AI chatbot. Google is pursuing Assistant with Bard, but Microsoft's early and large investment in ChatGPT's parent, OpenAI, has given it a first-mover edge.

Copilot offers certain enhancements over ChatGPT's free app. For instance, the Copilot app's UI is more sophisticated, and the GPT-4 model is free. You may also use Dall-E 3's best image generation via the app after logging up. Android users should download the Copilot app because it has a better user experience and more functionality than ChatGPT. However, the software was sometimes slow and problematic throughout testing.


  • Integrates with Microsoft 365 applications.

  • Boosts efficiency through work automation.

  • AI-powered assistance for multiple functions.

  • Promotes cooperation and interaction.

  • Enhances security and ensures compliance.


  • Raises privacy problems stemming from data analysis.

  • Optimizing the learning curve.

  • Possible over-dependence on technology.

  • It could result in mistakes or difficulties.

  • Extra charge for the subscription.

Price: Free

Google Bard

Google Bard chatbot has the same basic capabilities as ChatGPT but uses Google's paradigm. It aims to be your Google hub, which is different. Extensions let you query YouTube videos, hotels, flights, and maps more effortlessly. It also can simply access and summarise Drive documents and emails for business.

For real-time data processing in the Google ecosystem, Google Bard is best.


  • Constructed using a state-of-the-art Model (PaLM)

  • Human-like responses in conversation 

  • Particular Creative Capabilities

  • Offers immediate data and online connectivity extensions via plugins.

  • Intuitive interface Linguistic capabilities Voice command integration


  • Biassed, inaccurate, and ambiguous. 

  • Lacks creativity.

  • Do not cite sources. 

  • Response inconsistencies.

  • Restricted generative capacity.

Price: Free


Replika promises AI companionship. It's an AI chatbot with a customizable animated avatar during app setup. Select body type, hairstyle, and eye color to customize your Replika. The decent user interface and fun choices make Replika friend creation fun. We named ours Wavi and made her a platonic buddy, but the $8-per-month subscription version lets you make up romantic or mentoring relationships.

Replika's free tier has useful, bloat-free features. Conversations are continuous, so you can create your Replika's personality and relationship. Playing games, uploading images, and video calling your Replika increase experience-sharing. 


  • Customization

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Lifelong Education


  • Privacy Issues 

  • Restricted features

  • Potential for Misinterpretation

Price: Free

replika best ai apps
Replika (Source: Internet)

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This list of the best AI apps barely touches the surface of a dynamic AI mobile market, with new players appearing regularly. Nowadays, more AI developers are creating solutions for virtual shopping, entertainment, telemedicine, and project management, among others.

If you want user-friendly, low-cost AI applications for business, Relia Software is a good place to start. As one of the professional mobile app creation companies, Relia Software puts user experience-driven innovation and portable software design at the top of its list of priorities. 

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