Top 10 Leading Enterprise App Development Companies in Vietnam

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Vietnam has leading companies providing the best enterprise app development service, including: Relia Software, Savvycom, Ventuso, AgileTech Vietnam, etc.

Top 10 Leading Enterprise App Development Companies in Vietnam

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Enterprise application development becomes a crucial part of the growth of the enterprise’s business and the app development company. In the present era, every business person wants to operate his business with the tips of their fingers. Besides, they want to make their consumers and clients work easy, in which application plays a significant role.

Vietnam has renowned enterprise app development service providers who are skillful and possess vast experience in enterprise app development. Let's explore via this article!

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1. Relia Software

Relia was established in 2011; since then till now they have delivered more than 300 mobile applications in diverse niches. It is a product developing company that takes user experience into serious consideration. Relia Software has faith in producing digital capabilities that influence the masses and deliver value at every step. Being a successful company, it has its presence in the U.S.A. and Canada also.

2. Savvycom

This company serves entrepreneurs across the globe in developing applications and delivering happy clients. This company is featured on Forbes, TechinAsia, Clutch, The Manifest, The Asian Entrepreneur, TEDx etcetera. They also have prestigious strategic partners like; Consultant Network, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, and a few more. It is proof of the quality SAVVYCOM maintains in their services would be up-to-mark in their way.

3. Ventuso

Their tag line “Trusted Partners Build with talents” itself shows they prioritize talents inclined towards building trustworthy relationships with partners. It is one of the leading Mobile App Development companies in Vietnam, which motivated engineers. It is partnered with Group & Event Management System (G.E.M.S.), Fi Interactive Inc., RAOVAT.COM.

4. AgileTech Vietnam

AgileTech Vietnam is a quality outsourcing company specializing in Website/Mobile Apps, Blockchain services, AI – big data services. Since 2015, they have become the technology partner for many startups in which millions of US dollars were invested. With a talented team and a transparent working process, they are always ready to move forwards with you on the way to pursuing innovative ideas. They excel at building mobile apps and web development that are easy to maintain and extend. They also offer services in Digital Transformation, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Blockchain, DevOps, etc.

5. Waverley Software

It is a software engineering company with roots in the U.S. and has expanded in Vietnam, Ukraine, and Bolivia. Practicing is the best in the global market for 30 years. Matt Brown founded this company. It has a team of 250 people, where 80% of team members are software engineers. Their standards of service are remarkable.

6. QSoft Vietnam

QSoft Vietnam is a consultant of Digital Transformation. It was founded in 2005. QSoft Vietnam developed mobile applications to bring up-to-date consumer involvement for a software provider. They directed in-house test projects and created apps that interface with EIP functionality. It is a one-stop solutions provider to all types of software needs. For three consecutive years, QSoft Vietnam has been listed under the top 50 I.T. Companies in Vietnam.

7. PowerGate Software

PowerGate Software is a company that serves customized solutions; it’s like, they make every imagination live on the screen. They tend to work on advanced solutions and serve in the latest technology. They have experienced various industries and clients across the globe, which has made them more equipped to resolve every type of solution. They are present in the U.S.A., Canada, Australia, and the U.K. They are open to collaboration and partnering with the world.

8. VMO

V.M.O. is an I.T. outsourcing company established in 2012 and has a team of 500+ people. It has contributed to 500 partners and start-ups with the knowledge of the latest technology and advanced team. It cares for its customers and tends to serve in a way that solves their challenges. V.M.O. has practiced its skills in various sectors like; Startups & Innovation, Business Automation, E-Commerce, E-Health, E-Government, E-Learning, Financial Technology, are a few of the example sectors.

9. Wizeline

Wizeline was founded in 2014; it provides the sector with the medium of technology and design. At present, they are having a team of 1000+ people who all together bring a data-driven, design-centric, and cloud-native method to construct incomparable products for their customers. Moreover, it gives a chance to youth to explore the world and show their ability. Hence, they have people from different parts of the world like; the U.S.A., Mexico, Thailand, Australia, and Spain.

10. Hyperlink InfoSystem

This company was established in 2011, then they believe "they deliver the best, and they are unbeatable. It provides various services in which Mobile Application Development ranks first. So far, they have experience of developing 4000+ apps which itself shows their expertise in this particular segment. They are official partners with Salesforce Partner Community, Google, Oracle, A.W.S., etcetera; this shows their standard of work and credibility. A hyperlink has adaptability in developing all types of enterprise applications.

Key Considerations When Choosing An Enterprise App Development Company

Knowing about the companies and what they do and how experienced they are not the only thing entrepreneurs have to do for Enterprise App Development. However, there are specific points to be taken into consideration, they are:

Decide on the type of service you are looking for: A customer must know what he wants, whether to outsource or have an in-house team, how the project should be conducted, and what the enterprise application development company should do. Outsourcing a software development project allows an outsourcer to reduce expenses to be incurred on development and still get high-quality services.

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Have a deliberate communication process: Communication plays an essential role in making the project complete successfully, especially from the developers’ end. Therefore, you should first adopt the kind of communication process to make your association as prolific and operative as possible.

Research on the agency: The client's only need is the project's exact output, so he should first check the company's abilities and expertise and choose based on the project's relevance rather than its industry.

Experience: The more experience, the better the standard of deliverance and perfection. Knowing the service provider’s experience helps you to assume the quality you will get along with the rough calculation of spending on the project. Along with weighing his technical expertise, you should also analyze his problem-solving aptitudes.

Project Testing Skills: The developer must work after enterprise app development to determine how well the program works and how accurate the development was. Hence, the developer must have project testing ability to resolve all the issues before the project is submitted to you.

Asking questions can help you better understand the matter, and that goes exceptionally well when dealing with technology matters. The questions you should ask the developer for enterprise app development are:

  • Will this project add any value to my business?

  • Would this kind of project have any rivalry in the market?

  • Is it possible to have long-lasting application management?

  • Have you ever worked on any project which has similarities to the project I have come up with?

  • How about seeing your portfolio and references together to understand you better?

  • How do you maintain the workflow of the project development?

  • Who will have the rights and custody of this application?

  • Which technology will you use to develop this app?

  • Are you clear with my needs and my business?


To take everything into account, it can be derived that there are many reputed and qualified app development companies in Vietnam, but to make a wise choice is a critical decision that is to be taken wisely. After selecting the developing agency, taking complete charge of the making project understand and regular follow up and completion of the project is a whole long process.

Either if the step is not performed correctly, and then there are possibilities of project failure, in which lack of communication plays a significant role. Vietnam being the technologically fastest developed, you will get all kinds of vendors there to make your thoughts live. So what are you still pondering? Have more quarries, share with us.

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