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The 6 steps for successfully hiring a dedicated development team are defining product needs, doing market research, choosing the right team, working procedures, etc.

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The software development sector was greatly affected by the remote work revolution. Many in-house workers have been replaced by dedicated development teams. Software developers often collaborate remotely with clients using a dedicated development team. It is appropriate for established firms and emerging startups. 

This post will address the definition, pros and cons, and guide of hiring the right dedicated development team for your business. Let's check it out!

What is a Dedicated Development Team?

The dedicated development team is a long-term customer-outsourced developer team partnership. This partnership approach is as prevalent as the fixed pricing (FP) and time and materials (T&M) models. When you hire a dedicated development team, you get a team of experts chosen to meet your corporate goals.

Unlike employees, a dedicated team allows you to avoid administrative, human resource, tax, and social welfare concerns. You can concentrate on bigger business challenges while your development partners handle the rest.

When the project's scope is unclear and requirements change, the dedicated development team is the best. This technique aims to hire a staff that can make up for a lack of key experience and work seamlessly with your company.

Key Characteristics

  • Exclusivity: The team works only on your project, focusing their skills on your aims.

  • Long-term commitment: A dedicated development team often lasts long, which is better for communication and collaboration.

  • Scalability: You can quickly scale up or down the team as your project needs change.

  • Direct communication: You may communicate directly with team members, making project management easier.

  • Cultural alignment: Successful collaboration with nearshore or offshore teams requires cultural awareness.

Team Structure

The specialized development team structure depends on project goals. However, dedicated software development teams typically have these roles and responsibilities:

  • Project managers plan, manage, coordinate with stakeholders, execute, and deliver.

  • Front-end, back-end, mobile, and full-stack developers write software code.

  • UI/UX designers design the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX).

  • The QA engineer ensures the software functions properly and satisfies project criteria.

  • DevOps engineers develop app infrastructure deployment, management, and monitoring.

  • Business analysts collect and analyze project requirements to fulfill corporate goals and client vision.

dedicated development team defintion
What is a Dedicated Development Team? (Source: Internet)

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Pros & Cons of Hiring a Dedicated Development Team


There are many benefits to working with a dedicated development team that can make your project a lot more successful. Let's look at some of the most important benefits:

Focus and Efficiency Increase 

When you hire a team to work on your project alone, there are no distractions or split attention, which can happen with in-house resources. This keeps development efforts focused, which speeds up the process and makes the result better.

Expandability and Adaptability

Dedicated teams are very flexible. What skills and how many people are on the team can easily be changed as the needs of the project change. This lets you grow up for features that are more complicated or down for maintenance periods, making sure that the best use of resources is made.


Putting together and running an in-house development team can cost a lot, especially when you think about the costs of hiring, training, and paying for their office space. Dedicated teams, in contrast, can save you a lot of money while still giving you high-quality development expertise.

Domain Expertise and Ownership

Dedicated teams are usually made up of developers who have experience and skills that are specific to your business or technology stack. This deep knowledge of the subject means that they understand your project needs better and feel like they own their work, which encourages them to do good work.


However, working with a dedicated development team has drawbacks. Here are some common issues:

Time Zone Gaps

If you engage an international development staff, time zone differences can hinder project progress. This can delay communication, response times, and meeting schedules with the remote dedicated development team, especially for urgent tasks.

To maintain a work-life balance and avoid excessive overtime on both sides, state this upfront. Your partnership may end if unhappiness grows.

Non-universal Answer

Due to project kind, budget, timelines, and company goals, dedicated software development teams don't work for all projects. For short-term tasks, a fixed-price approach and freelancers may be better. A dedicated development team may not be cost-effective if your project simply needs a few developers.

Complex Management

Dedicated development teams are harder to manage than in-house units. You must consider time zones, cultures, and work styles when managing. The core of dedicated development is that team members will be entirely committed to your project. Choosing the correct provider and holding regular meetings and surveys, like with in-house developers, will simplify administration. 

Not Flexible Model

A dedicated development team is more agile than in-house staffing, but less adaptable than IT Staff Augmentation. Instead of forming a dedicated development team, SA lets you add team members as needed. Integrating new abilities into a specialized team may affect the overall project. 

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When Do You Need a Dedicated Development Team?

A dedicated development team is not a one-size-fits-all answer, but in some cases, they can be quite advantageous. Here are some ideal scenarios for this model:   

Needs for Ongoing Development

If your company requires ongoing development activities, such as sustaining a current application or adding new features, a dedicated staff can offer a dependable and efficient option. They can smoothly blend into your current workflow and become an invaluable supplement to your development team.

Complex Projects

For sophisticated projects that have particular technological specifications, a dedicated team of specialized experts might be crucial. Their extensive understanding can ensure that the project is established on solid ground, avoiding potential stumbling blocks and ensuring its successful completion.

Lack of Development Expertise in-House

If your organization lacks the requisite development expertise within its current staff, a dedicated team can provide the skills required to bring your project to completion. They can also provide excellent knowledge transfer possibilities, which will help to upskill your internal workforce.

Companies with Little Funds

Small enterprises and startups with limited resources can profit from outsourced teams. Due to expensive developer rates, several projects and countries, such as the US, France, Germany, and others, cannot afford an in-house group. Outsourcing to lower-cost countries is crucial in this situation. Asia, for example, has a vast talent pool and competitive environment.

Projects with Uncertain Needs

When your idea needs product-market fit and exploration, the discovery stage may take months of testing and interviews to resolve. Dedicated development teams help you make market analysis and product development without overspending.

when need dedicated development team
When Do You Need a Dedicated Development Team? (Source: Internet)

6-Step Guide For Building a Dedicated Development Team

Step 1: Define a clear product needs

Defining your project before searching for developers and app agencies is crucial. Every project manager knows that this is essential for any area of software development since it gives the team a clear direction and blueprint. 

It may be more vital for a dedicated team. They don't know your processes or corporate culture because they're outside. Therefore, they need as much feedback from you as possible to start the project. 

Step 2: Market Research

After determining your needs, search the vendor market for a fit. Consider your development team's location first. Three choices exist: nearshore, offshore and onshore development.

After screening their location, check their project history and portfolio to determine their quality. If they worked on a similar program to yours, it shows they have the experience and skills.

Step 3: Choose The Right Team

After selecting a vendor and signing a contract, assemble a dedicated team. The partner will assist you employ developers or find them from their competent pool. It is vital to remember that development teams vary by role.

Participate in hiring for any job you require. See their participants' resumes for talents and experience. Check their experience by talking to them. 

Hiring individuals may be the most crucial component of building your devoted development team. Thus, being active is crucial. Trusting your partner provider isn't enough. No one knows your project or business better than you. 

Step 4: Unite Work Procedures 

The approach is the most crucial aspect of app development. Your approach should be easy for them to adapt to. 

For most app projects, Agile development is the most common (and possibly best) strategy. It speeds up development while tracking fixes, issues, and new features. Agile is the ideal strategy, however, flow and prototyping are equally useful. Contact the service provider ahead of time to see if they can accommodate your request.

Step 5: Set up The Base System

Your dedicated team should have everything they need to finish your software. Your workforce will be dedicated throughout the project. Therefore, you must communicate well with them, especially if far away. A firm representative as a dedicated team organizer or liaison may help.

Most importantly top vendors and developers can use your tools. Remote personnel can move to your systems more simply, benefiting everyone. Collaboration here demands coordination and adaptation.

Step 6: Commitment to quality assurance

Quality assurance comes last before unleashing your dedicated crew. You must specify the primary app testing procedures to assure a quality, bug-free output from your devoted team. It should comprise functional and non-functional testing. This helps catch as many errors as possible. 

The best method to ensure your dedicated team tests properly is to provide a QA role. This person can help ensure app quality throughout development.

Factors to Consider When Hiring a Dedicated Development Team

Team Experience

Make sure the team knows the programming languages and frameworks your project's technology stack uses.  The team's industry and audience knowledge is important. Is the team mix of developers (front-end, back-end, full-stack), QA testers, and project managers suitable for your needs? Consider this before choosing a dedicated development team.

Cost & Pricing

Know the development company's pricing approach (hourly, fixed, retainer).  Request a detailed cost breakdown, including hourly rates, supplementary fees, and project milestones.  Avoid hidden project management tools or revision expenses. Weigh expertise and cost to locate a team with a compelling value offering.

Reputation and References

Check the development company's track record and clients. Review client testimonies to assess their reputation and work ethic. Interview former clients about their experience with the organization.

Security Level

Security and data protection are vital, therefore be sure the development business has strong security. Consider the team's scalability as the project needs to change. Finally, determine the development company's post-project assistance.

dedicated development team considerations
Factors to Consider When Hiring a Dedicated Development Team (Source: Internet)

Cost of Hiring a Dedicated Development Team 

Hiring a dedicated software development team is always cheaper and faster. Here is the information on the cost of hiring a dedicated development team by region that you can consider:


Hour Rates

North America (US & Canada)

$50 - $200+

Western Europe

$40 - $150+

Eastern Europe

$25 - $75

Latin America

$20 - $50

Asia (India, Southeast Asia)

$15 - $40

Dedicated team pricing is straightforward. The hourly wage of each team member is established, so you only pay for the hours worked. This is the only cost. No additional charges for team office rental, equipment, taxes, electricity bills, etc.

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A dedicated development team model lets you use professional, low-cost services. This methodology works for long-term, short-term, and one-time tasks. Hiring a dedicated development team lets businesses focus on their strengths while helping them grow technologically with full attention.

Relia Software, a customer-centric firm, can be a prestige partner of your business for the dedicated development team services. We've provided creative software solutions to businesses of all sizes using our proven dedicated development strategy for over 10 years. Do not hesitate to contact us for advice and partnership!

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