WhiteCoat is a digital healthcare provider headquartered in Singapore with operations in Singapore, Myanmar and Indonesia

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Scope Of Work

WhiteCoat approached Relia Software in late 2018 when they had built their MVP in-house and had the validation from early adopters. Mandate to Relia Software was simple and clear- It was to build an offshore development team to scale the platform as well as support the future product roadmap.

  • Web App
  • Mobile Apps
  • ODC Team

Through WhiteCoat platform, users can avail telemedicine, on-demand medicine delivery and lab tests at their doorsteps all in one app. WhiteCoat operates with in-house medical staff which enables higher customer satisfaction and also assures immediate care.


We started with a 4 engineer team by the end of 2018 which consisted of web developers, mobile application developers and QA testers. At the end of 2018, the platform was processing 20-25 consultations per day. In the Q1 of 2019 consultations surged to 500/day so does the offshore development team.

Relia Software was initially tasked with managing user and doctor applications along with web admin. Backend of the application is built with .NET Core and mobile applications are native.

Along with adding new features to patient and doctor apps, we built driver apps for medicine delivery, an interactive doctors panel to make the consultations seamless and simple. We also built a partner platform to onboard B2B partners like AIA Insurance. We have recently started building intelligent chabot to help the platform scale without much back office support.

Results & Impact

We have built an offshore team of 14 engineers and QA testers which works closely with WhiteCoat’s product management team by adding value from thought leadership, financial and quality standpoints.

As part of the engagement we also manage DevOps, QA automation and CI/CD. As of now, on an average 1000-1200 consultations are processed through the platform and ensures *highest security and privacy* for the customers.

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