Skooc is a well-being company focussed on improving emotional, cognitive and physical well-being of children,adolescents and young adults through habit transformation.

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Scope Of Work

Client wanted to build an interactive web and mobile app that encouraged healthy habits for both children and their parents.

Ideally, the app would help children lose weight through an active lifestyle, healthy diet, and continued support. 

  • Node.js, React Native
  • Admin Panel
  • Web Application

When the Skooc team approached Relia Software, the concept itself was high-level even though we knew that we had to build a platform to track children's obesity.

We started with the ideation phase which involved deriving different flows, user journeys and most importantly on MVP features set. Also, Skooc was already operational and had an offline process to track children’s obesity levels. The whole process was carried out on excel sheets. Designing a system which does not concept yet cover all the pieces of the puzzle was the biggest challenge we had in our hands. Building a robust food tracking flow which involves coloring algorithms to determine the levels of calorie consumption based on food. Creating the food database. Activities to burn calories and calorie tracking using heart rate monitoring. Conversation bot to interact with children. BMI calculation. Medication tracking. Most importantly building a simple interface which can be easily used by the target audience (in this case children from 5-14 age group).


We built the Android and iOS application with ReactNative development for tracking food habits, exercises etc of the children to create a dashboard view for the parents and Skooc admin. We also built the admin panel where Skooc team can update food database, manage app articles, track child’s health and consultations.

  1. Algorithm to determine calorie consumption based on food type and alert the parents/children based on color coding
  2. Heart rate monitoring
  3. Activities and video streaming
  4. Conversational bot using basic NLP models
  5. Robust CMS with high scalability

Results & Impact

The Skooc platform has been launched in the market and is being used by thousands of children and parents. The platform has also been featured in various media outlets and has helped us create a positive brand image. We also helped the Skooc team to build their MVP and launch the product in the market in record time. With the help of Relia Software, Skooc has been able to reach a wider audience and has been able to provide a better user experience. The platform has been able to improve engagement and has helped Skooc to generate more revenue.

It’s clear that they take the time to properly research before starting any work. Every deliverable is well-suited for our company.

Our Team
Our team at Mekari

“They are very capable, they’ve never turned down a task because it fell outside of their skill range. As a startup, we also appreciate that their team is very accommodating to our changing needs.”


Devi Mani

Founder of Skooc