Google APAC approached Relia software to build AMP/PWA experiences for their Ad partners to increase the conversions

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Scope Of Work

Google APAC has more than 5000 ad partners in the South-East Asian market. These partners spend over $2B+ per year on Google ads to generate leads.

  • Progressive Web Apps
  • Accelerated Mobile Pages 
  • UX Design/UX

Audit To increase the ROI on ad spends and to increase customer retention, Google wanted optimise the customer websites to make it mobile friendly, with fast load time considering the poor connection in the SEA market .As part of this Google wanted to make the customer websites AMP and PWA compatible. Due to the limited relevant resources to handle such work in-house, Google reached out to Relia Software to build an offshore development centre(ODC) to handle AMP/PWA development work.

So far with Google’s partnership we have converted over 200+ websites to AMP/PWA compatible.


Relia software was responsible for building AMP/PWA pages for more than 200+ Google customers. We also contributed immensely to the AMP/PWA community by enhancing numerous libraries through this initiative. We have worked with clients ranging from airlines, travel & tourism, financial services, banks ,e-commerce, consumers products, etc

  1. Algorithm to determine calorie consumption based on food type and alert the parents/children based on color coding
  2. Heart rate monitoring
  3. Activities and video streaming
  4. Conversational bot using basic NLP models
  5. Robust CMS with high scalability

Results & Impact

Relia software was able to set up a 5 people team in 2 months timeline which had expertise in UX audit, UX designs for mobile devices, AMP/PWA development. As a result, google extended the partnership and we now support UX audit, mobile conversion strategy as well for google’s elite ad partners.

Our PWA and AMP solution helped Google clients with increasing conversion *rates 20–40%*, sometimes even achieving a triple-digit improvement. Relia Software is also delivering returns on ad spend.

Our Team
Our team at Mekari

“Despite a high workload, the quality of Relia Software’s work remains consistent.”


Minh Nguyen

Conversion Solutions Specialist, Google