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What is an On-Demand Delivery App?

What is an On-Demand Delivery App?

On-demand delivery apps are built to deliver packages of transport and logistics service providers from one place to another.

An increase in online shopping has seen a steep rise in the growth of demand for package delivery as well—E-Commerce sites tie-up with courier companies to help them deliver their products to the customers.

What are the Types of On-Demand Delivery Apps?

Enterprise to Person/Business to Person (E2P/B2P)

These companies include the business that has the delivery capability to deliver their products directly on their own. E.g., McDonald’s, Dominos, certain fashion brands, etc.

Enterprise to Enterprise/ Business to Business(E2E/B2B)

These applications are developed to connect businesses to other businesses. In this case, the consumer is not the end-user.

Person to Person/Consumer to Consumer (P2P/C2C)

Here users themselves create offers for products or services for the consumer or user to buy or use. E.g., UrbanCompany, Etsy, eBay, etc.

Cost of Development

Cost of Development

The cost of developing any apps depends on the number of hours it takes and the extra efforts and expertise that goes into creating it. The actual cost of developing any app cannot be given without any specifications and requirements from the company. No two apps can be quoted at the same price as the cost of developing an app differs from buyer to buyer.

The cost of developing any app depends upon the features and specifications needed by the buyer. In the case of an on-demand delivery app, we need to focus on the user’s app, the service provider's app, and the admin panel to manage the business. The cost of calculating these three components depends on the features and the time and effort to build each of these features.

What are the key features for an on-demand app?

Web app or a mobile app should be user friendly. It is very important to make the user’s experience as smooth as possible.

Some of the most important feature for an on-demand app for the customer app are:

  • User profile where the consumer can enter his/her details
  • Product and product details( including quotes)
  • Delivery tracking and delivery scheduling feature
  • Third party apps for payment of deliveries( PayPal, GooglePay, etc.)
  • Rating and comment section for other buy’s reference
  • Complain section
  • Chat option

The features for the driver’s app should include:

  • Profile
  • List of consumer gigs
  • Order board with order details
  • Payment section
  • Live crash detection
  • Active pending order details
  • Chat
  • Settings


There is also a need for an admin panel where the logistics handlers can track and edit orders, driver information and products.

Delivery and Logistics

Another important phase in developing an on-demand delivery app, is appointing a courier service provider for delivery. The developer needs to develop a courier app in order to help the consumer track their product while it is in transit. Each business requires different methods to deliver their product or service to their consumers.

things companies should do to minimize the delivery cost

things companies should do to minimize the delivery cost

In order to minimize the delivery cost, the company needs to:

  • Make sure that there aren’t a lot of failed deliveries, as it wastes the time and resources of the company and reduces customer trust.
  • Lessen the time and mileage used to transport the product to the customer, i.e., route optimisation
  • Use delivery vehicles based on the size of the package. For example, food delivery doesn’t need to be made in a car or a larger vehicle, a bike will suffice in this situation
  • Hire contract based courier partners, where you can modify your requirement as and when the season demands it. For example, during the holiday season, or during sale season, there will be more orders, for which you’ll need more delivery personnel.

Factors to Consider before building an On-Demand delivery App

Attain users

Before developing an application to trade your product and services, it is important to create and build your product’s presence in the market. In order to build your user base you need to: Promote your product & Search for local partner

Customer retention

It is very important to retain these acquired customers. In order to retain your customers you need to develop a very good customer support, offer discounts, take feedback and offer flexible delivery time.

Delivery expense

Company needs to create a plan wherein its delivery and warehouse cost is minimal. They need to come up with plans to minimise their delivery expense by finding shorter routes, taking smaller vehicles for small packages etc. Tying up with a good courier company also might help the company minimise its cost and load.



In recent times, consumers have started relying a lot on the on-demand delivery apps to get their groceries, clothes, home services and what not.

The cost of developing an on-demand delivery app varies from company to company. Before, developing any on-demand delivery app, it is important to understand and keep all the functionality features in mind. While developing an on-demand delivery app might be feasible for a large scale company or service provider, small companies and service providers might want to try listing their product and services on third-party on-demand delivery apps.


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