Rent My Wardrobe enables women entrepreneurs to rent their designer fashion locally and make extra income. Dallas based company empower and equip women to become entrepreneurs by enabling two way opportunities to rent designer fashion at affordable prices and make extra income on their already owned fashion.






Mobile Application Development

AI driven talent matching platform. Relia Software was responsible to build the Web application and Admin panel for Kriya admin. Talent and employer matching algorithm Conversational chatbot development Development was carried out in 3 phases, spanning over a period of 8 months with 2 backend and 2 frontend developers

Challenges & Discovery

Rent My Wardrobe approached Relia with an idea to build a shared economy platform for designer fashion accessories, which would enable, empower and equip women entrepreneurs to make extra income from their existing designer fashion and also make designer fashion available to all socioeconomic classes by making renting affordable.

Relia initially created the simple to use prototype which RMW team took to their beta users to validate the concept. Once we had the consolidated feedback, we did the required changes and created the final prototype with a simple user experience.

During the UX phase, we also identified the gap in the styling industry which led to the creation of virtual styling platforms. Today 34% of RMW’s revenue comes from the virtual styling platform and serves as an USP.



Relia Software was responsible for building web and mobile platforms for Rent My Wardrobe. We built the web platform with Golang and React.js. Virtual styling platform is also equipped with live streaming feature as well payment gateway integration.

Mobile applications are built with Flutter. As part of the engagement, we also managed the devops, QA, CI/CD and product support. Currently web and mobile platforms have over 10000 listings from 2000+ users.

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