Carespotter is a platform which connects caregivers with care seekers. Major challenges were around the caregiver onboarding to make sure careseeker receives a secure service.


On - Demand


Web App Admin


Web App Development

On demand platform with thorough background verification process online Relia Software was responsible for Web and mobile application Admin panel development to accommodate caregiver approval process and manage bookings Duration- 4 man months with 1 iOS developer, 1 Ruby on rails developer, 1 React.js developer

Challenges & Discovery

Carespecttor is a platform which connects caregiver with care seeker. Major challenges were around the caregiver onboarding to make sure careseeker receives a secure service.

We built a robust onboarding system which is completely digital thereby assuring the scalability of the platform from the UX standpoint kept the onboarding simple and robust to capture all the necessary information. Caregiver also gets secure and easy to use web applications through which they sign a bond through third party integration enabling zero physical onboarding. We also built a simple LMS as a part of the platform to train the caregiver to adhere to the service standards of Carespotter. The whole LMS is e-learning enabled with video and written content.



We built the Android and iOS application with ReactNative development for tracking food habits, exercises etc of the children to create a dashboard view for the parents and Skooc admin. We also built the admin panel where Skooc team can update food database, manage app articles, track child’s health and consultations.

Algorithm to determine calorie consumption based on food type and alert the parents/children based on color coding. Heart rate monitoring. Activities and video streaming. Conversational bot using basic NLP models. Robust CMS with high scalability.

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