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When digital governance became prominent as soon as Indian honourable Prime minister Narendra Modi came into power, Swipe team was struck with a fantastic idea of collecting people’s opinion on daily bound issues and bring the change using people’s referendum.

  • Real time results
  • To reach to every Indian, support regional languages
  • Area specific question cards
  • Robust backend system for content writers to write
  • Fitting in 40+ categories on mobile screen
  • Simple and easy to use app
  • UX/UI Designs
  • Android and iOS development
  • Technology architecture
  • Backend content curation system development
  • Launch strategy
Project Swipe 1
Project Swipe 2
Project Swipe 3
Project Swipe 4
  • 10000+ Active users within 3 months of the launch
  • 100,000+ opinions received for 500+ question cards