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Runcaster is a live fantasy cricket application for global cricket community. Application let’s users to play live fantasy games where they can predict the scores ball by ball, top the leaderboards for a particular match or for a tournament to win cash prizes. Runcaster apps are built for both Android and iOS platforms with native development.

  • Relia software was approached by Runcaster team to design and develop the MVP of the application
  • nitial challenge was to define the scope of the MVP from a big list of features which Runcaster team had initially and to take the product to market within 3 months. Just in time for the India’s biggest cricketing season
  • Once the scope was defined, challenge was to design the experience of the product. It was a first of its kind and we had to dictate the design terms
  • Defining how prediction flows will work, how to achieve the real time leaderboards and sync the live scores to calculate the points were few of the early obstacles.

Since the whole application had to work in sync with the live cricket match, there was little room for any errors. Our team had multiple sessions with Runcaster team to define the overall MVP scope and also understand the flow of the product. We quickly realised that designing the user experience as well as a scalable backend architecture was key. Backbone of the whole application was to sync with the live cricket matches, collecting ball by ball predictions and updating leaderboards at the end of every over. Also time to market was a crucial factor as Runcaster’s complete marketing strategy was planned for India’s biggest cricketing season which was just 3 months away from the start of the project.

  • Trimming down the big list of features to zero in on MVP feature list which will validate the product’s value proposition
  • Paper sketches to define flows
  • Backend architecture plan
  • Agile plan
  • Deciding on the right backend stack to handle the scale as well complexity of the application
  • Application security plan

We took up the overall development of Runcaster as a challenge as it was time sensitive as well as technically complex. Handling thousands of predictions, comparing with love scores, showing results and managing leaderboard ball by ball was not an easy task. We were tasked to build a robust system which can handle rapid scale and millions of responses per minute. Few of the key objectives of the development phase are as below.

  • Live predictions and leaderboard
  • Complex backend with points calculation in real-time
  • Handle the rapid scale
  • Manage winner payments
  • Smart Watch support
  • Sophisticated notification system
  • Scalable backend
  • Well maintained codebase
  • Test driven development with CI/CD
  • Ruby on railsiOSAndroid
  • 100,000+ downloads within 1st month of the launch
  • 4.7 average rating on Appstore and Playstore
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