Ruby on Rails

Launched in 2004, Ruby on Rails (or just Rails) has already delivered several outstanding results in the fields of web development. A versatile tool by itself, Ruby on Rails has got the ability to produce elegant solutions while minimising complex problems via its Convention over Configuration (CoC) and Don't Repeat Yourself (DRY) principles.

Standing among the current market leaders in web design & development, Ruby on Rails has been the backbone of several thousands of websites with some of the popular portals including Basecamp, Airbnb and Zendesk among others. The tool’s innovative technology has played a major role towards a sustainable market and its remarkable growth.

While not underestimating the fact that Ruby on Rails is open-sourced, Relia Software’s Product Development teams rely on the tool’s capability and its super efficiency in maintaining a high-level of transparency in rapid product development models. We encourage our clients to opt for Ruby on Rails for UX/UI design, website development, layout design & development, web & mobile application development.

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