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Kriya team hired us to build the first version of their 2 products- Trunks and Leo. Kriya is a completely AI driven platform where clients can hire on demand teams through Trunks or Leo bots. Leo helps clients to connect with teams which can build MVPs in 5 months timeline whereas Trunks helps in connecting clients with individual talent. Complete talent vetting, talent match, payments and rating happens through AI driven bot by reducing overhead to the client. Bots are built with algorithms to learn by itself with each match happens on the platform and enhance the performance to help client find the best in class talent on demand. Also to make clients lives easy Trunks and Leo are completely integrated with Slack, so users can create milestones through slack.

  • AI driven talent matching platform. Relia Software was responsible to build the Web application and Admin panel for Kriya admin
  • Talent and employer matching algorithm
  • Conversational chatbot development
  • Development was carried out in 3 phases, spanning over a period of 8 months with 2 backend and 2 frontend developers

Kriya is unlike any other freelancing site is completely driven by algo’s and models. Our major challenge was to design an interface which would provide the best user experience for both freelancers and companies. Few major challenges are as below

  • Conversational bot for freelancers and companies to signup
  • Signup for freelancers includes experience, skillset, projects, availability etc
  • For companies, understanding the job description, budget, timeline etc
  • Matching right talent by breaking down the JD with NLP and finding the right match by going through 50,000+ talent pool
  • Building the overall milestone flow, managing funds for the milestones, managing disputes etc completely using AI
  • Matching the right talent from thousands of profiles on the platform
  • Forming teams for bigger projects considering the experience, communication and time zone yet keeping the budget in check
  • Robust messaging platform
  • Integration to different project management tools
  • Milestone creation flows and funding flows
  • Dispute resolution flow

Relia Software was responsible for building the web interface with React.js frontend and Python and Ruby on rails backend. We also built the conversational bot for onboarding the users, matching the talent etc. Also, built the NLP model to breakdown the job description to find the right match.

  • Web application development
  • AI Bot development
  • Integration with Slack, different Project management tools, schedulers etc
  • Payments through Escrow and paypal
  • Automated match based on job description within seconds
  • Ruby on railsPython, DjangoReactjs
  • 500+ talents signed up within first 3 months from launch
  • 20+ customers with 70% repeated customers on the platform till date
  • $500k business in the first 3 months from launch