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The first thing that comes to mind about Vietnam is probably the picture of a war-torn country. But Vietnam has transformed and is growing rapidly in IT and Software Development.It is no wonder Vietnam is attracting a lot of global audiences in search ofSoftware Outsourcing and Offshore Development Centers.The country’s economy is also growing at a rate of 7% per year, with the software industry deepening its roots at a much higher pace.

Vietnam is ideal for IT and Software Outsourcing, but before we see whys, here is a brief onSoftware Outsourcing and Offshore Development Centers.

Software Outsourcing Vs Offshore Development Centers


Software Outsourcing is when an organization hires a third-party company or programmer to build the software for them.

Offshore Development Centers are software development companies or extended teams located deep in a developing country but brimming with the exalted pool of talent.

Advantages of Software Outsourcing and Offshore Development Centers

Cost Structure of Software Outsourcing in Vietnam:

Software Outsourcing and Offshore Development Centers, both models are highly cost-efficient and are far better than in-house development. ButOffshore Development Centerstend to be economical in comparison.

Highly Effective Software Development Companies:

Offshore Development Centers in Vietnamgo the extra mile to deliver what was promised. Further, a team of highly creative and talentedVietnamese developers builds your project; allows more room for innovation and increases quality.

The Software Development Companies also manage to complete the projects at an increased pace while retaining the superior and promised quality.

Ideal Software Development Infrastructure:

One of the main advantages of Outsourcing Software Development is that you don’t have to build and provide the infrastructure to facilitate project development.

WithOffshore IT Development Centers in Vietnam, you might as well forget the infrastructure and save yourself a fortune.

Hiring and Managing Resources:

To hire, organize, and manage project development, you need to spend a lot of time. It might require more resources just to manage the hired developers. But Software Outsourcing allows you to channel your energy into strategy and business development.

WithDedicated Vietnamese Developers working as your extended hand of software development, you can rest assured of the software standard and delivery.

Global Outsourcing Software Development Solutions Market Size, Status and Forecast 2019-2026

Software Development Outsourcing Models

If you have decided to outsource your software development, there are three major development models you should know about:

Fixed Price Model for Outsourcing IT Software Development

In the Fixed Price Model, you give your outsourcing partner the requirements of the software. That is, the programming languages to use to build the software, must-have functionalities, the timeline, budget and every aspect of the software and business.

If the software development company finds it suitable to work on the project, after the negotiation, they proceed to build the software.

The highlight of the model is that you have a fixed price to pay for the project, and you can plan your budget accordingly.

Fixed Price Model is ideal if you know what your end product will look like; changes during development may result in additional charges.

Time and Materials Model for Outsourcing IT Software Development

In Time and Materials Model, you give your outsourcing service provider a detailed description of the project and they proceed with the development. Unlike the Fixed Price Model where the structure is too rigid to bring changes to the initial agreement, the Time and Material Model gives you flexibility both in the project development and the cost.

The model is especially ideal if the specifications for the software are not completely determined. That is, if the market requirement changes when the software is being developed, you can request changes at any time of the development.

With Time and Materials Model, you are not limited by what was agreed upon and the project can go on as long as it has to. The cost structure is mostly monthly and based on the time spent for Software Development.

Dedicated Team Model for Outsourcing IT Software Development

In theDedicated Development Team Model, your outsourcing service provider puts together a team of developers and dedicates them for your software development.

TheDedicated Development Team Modelallows you to manage the development without any intermediary.

This model is especially perfect if you want to control the course of development. You can directly communicate with the team, oversee the development, and determine the milestones. But this doesn’t mean you have to do everything either; you can also request your outsourcing service provider for a project manager.

TheDedicated Development Team Modelis also flexible and allows you to make changes as required while giving you a predictable budget: team members’ salary + service provider’s fee.

Why Vietnam for Software Outsourcing?

Outsourcing Software Development Companies Vietnam

Vietnam is a growing IT hub and has just crossed its nascent stage. The country has more room for growth and tremendous potential to make that happen. One of the major advantages ofOutsourcing Software Development to Vietnamese Companiesis the cost.

Software Development Companies in Vietnam, although brimming with exceptional talent, probably have the lowest prices compared to countries like the US, Canada, Australia, UAE, Sweden, Switzerland, and Europe countries.

Vietnamese Software Developersare also highly enthusiastic about technology and innovation. Vietnam is still a fresh region with a lot of innovative capabilities and much of it is yet to come out.

Contrary to the popular belief that anything of low cost is of low quality,Vietnam Software Development Companiesensure that their products are top-notch when they come out of development.

Why Vietnam is the Right Choice for Offshore Development Centers?

One of the major setbacks in choosingOffshore Development Centers for Software Developmentis that companies working in remote regions cannot communicate effectively with their clients.

But that’s not the case forOffshore Development Centers in Vietnam. 60% of the population in Vietnam is below 30 years old and more than 25000 eligible engineers graduate from college every year.

Not to mention, the government of Vietnam is highly supportive of technological growth and promotes its economy for foreign investments.

But not all of the technical advantages and monetarybenefits of Vietnam Offshore Development Centersare leveraged for business advancements. In fact, for the potentialVietnamese developershave, it is quite underused and now might be the right time to analyze the country’s Software Development Companies and Centers.

Mistakes to Avoid When Outsourcing Software Development

Research the Software Development Outsourcing Companies

The only way to know to identify a capableSoftware Development Company for Outsourcingby their portfolio and previous projects. Ensure that the companies understand your domain and their portfolio should speak for them. Know what they specialize in, what makes them stand out, and what they can give to improve your business.

You can look into the feedbacks and ratings to know the authenticity and ingenuity of the company. It will also help you understand the approach of the company and how good they are at delivering what they promise.

Communicate and Convey Everything that Your Business Needs

The most crucial aspect forSoftware Development Outsourcing and ODCs to succeedis effective communication.

Don’t leave anything for judgment and eliminate the ambiguity in your requirement. Speak out for what you want so that you can also understand the company better and know if they can deliver the software for you.

Staying Updated with New Technology and Trends

TheSoftware Development Companyshould stay updated with the current development of technologies. Choosing proven but archaic technologies for software development may sound promising at the moment, but in the long term, you will not be able to upgrade your software with new functionalities and it may cost you a fortune to migrate.

TheOutsourcing Companyshould also be well versed in advanced data science trends likeBlockchain, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and Bot Development Solutionsto create an application that will boost your business even in the future.

How to Find the Best Offshore Development Services Provider in Vietnam?

How to Find the Best Offshore Development Services Provider in Vietnam?

The information age has no shortage of information. You can find the bestOffshore IT Development Services Providerwith a simple search on the search engines.

There are a good number of listings that detail and rate theSoftware Development Companies and Offshore Development Services Providers in Vietnam.

And there are websites dedicated to summarising the functionalities and the domain of the companies to help people to identify suitable companies for them.

Ex: Top Outsourcing Development Company

How Relia Software is Helping Its Clients with ODCs?

Relia Software has incorporated app developers, UX design specialists, and experts of various domains to equip its clients with power-packed solutions to boost their businesses. Relia Software’s developers have complete mastery over the following tech stack:

Mobile: iOS, Android, ReactNative, Flutter

Backend: Python, Nodejs, Ruby on Rails, Golang, .NET, PHP, AWS

Frontend: ReactJS, Angular, Vue.js, Next.js

It doesn’t end there. Relia Software completely understands and delivers uniquely tailored solutions involving advanced data science technologies likeBlockchain, Machine Learning, and Bot Development.

Wrapping Up

Software Development Outsourcing and Offshore IT Development Centers offer a cost-effective yet standard alternative for businesses to thrive in the industry. It levels the field and allows startups, SMBs and Enterprises to compete with the likes of industrial leaders.

But before deciding on theOutsourcing Software Development Company,we urge you to analyze the service provider and their portfolio for the right development that will help your business grow.

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