Angularjs is a powerful JavaScript Framework for front-end web development, primarily focused on single-page applications. Currently maintained by Google, this superhero JavaScript framework helps create dynamic web applications that are compatible on multiple browsers thus creating an ease of maintenance.

Angular.js framework comes with multiple exciting and unique features such as Model View Whatever (MVW) pattern, Form Validations, communication with server, deep links for dynamic pages, data binding and dependency injection, besides tools such as directives and filters. With so many unique features, Angularjs helps convert templates into HTML code, thus eliminating the need to spend more time writing codes manually.

While not underestimating the fact that Angular.js is an open-source software, Relia Software’s Product Development teams rely on the tool’s most dynamic and usability features that make web application development easier. We suggest the use of Angularjs to create large-scale, complex and performance-based applications with potentially high user load. The framework is a great choice to build desktop-installed applications across Mac, Windows, and Linux systems.

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